6 Ways to Distress Through Meditation and Exercise

If you feel like stress always has you running around in circles, it’s time to say goodbye to the sources of your stress. Stress shouldn’t control your life. You can make simple changes today that have a large impact on your future.

Most adults face stress on a daily basis, whether it’s related to relationships, fears, workload, or finances. If your life situations keep you awake at night, it’s time to make some changes. The list below contains our six favorite tips for de-stressing fast.



Everyone needs a way to relax. For you, relaxing might involve a walk through the woods, having a cup of tea, or doing yoga. Try to avoid using passive relaxation activities, such as watching TV, as your source of de-stressing. More active relaxation methods, such as meditation, work better. Also, if you use bad habits like smoking to distress, consider switching to vapes and look for cheap ejuice, for a safer and more cost-effective way to unwind.

Lighten Your Workload

The less you have to worry about, the less you’ll worry. If you work too many hours or work more than one job, your workload may cause you stress. Whenever you can, lighten your load. A job that gives you stomach ulcers isn’t worth it. Let go of work stress and cut back on excess hours.

Talk it Out

Whatever your source of stress, you can relieve it when you talk to friends. Bring your worries and woes to an empathetic ear, and offer the same gift to your friend, as well. Talking about your problems helps you feel less stressed since it removes some of those bottled up feelings.

Fix Your Finances

If your money situation stresses you, take serious steps to change it. Invest in your future with an RSI trading strategy, and start saving for retirement. If you’re in debt, cut back on your standard of living, and work hard on paying off your debt. Debt calls for serious life changes; don’t be afraid to make them.


Meditation is a time-honored tradition and a wonderful way to relax. You might not be much for “hippie” solutions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from meditation. Easy ways to meditate include either focusing on your breathing or staring at your closed eyelids. When you concentrate on a single thing, your body calms. Meditation provides health benefits, so it’s worth investigating.

Get Better Rest

A good night’s sleep may stand in the way of your calm. Likewise, your stress stands between you and a good night’s sleep. If you need to banish restless nights for good, become more intentional about your rest. Get better sleep by replacing old, uncomfortable bedding, cutting out blue light, or using any of these de-stressing methods. The less stressed you are, the better you’ll sleep; the better you sleep, the less stressed you’ll be.

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Stress Busting For Couples Without The Kids

Stress-Busting Activities For When Youve Got Time Without The Kids

It’s a slightly taboo thing to say, but every parent appreciates the feeling of muted elation after dropping their kids off for a weekend with their folks, or having them stay over with a friends’ children for an evening. The freedom from responsibility and constant vigil is itself a stress-reliever, but often once you’re alone with your partner, you can tend to settle on lazy, sedate activities to maximize your relaxation period while the little terrors are elsewhere. This is a waste of the precious time that you can use to pump excitement and thrills into your adult life that has a hugely stress-busting effect on your wellbeing. Check out these tips for activities that’ll release stress while your kids are away. Couples Need Alone Time To Destress

Romantic Plans

It won’t do to mention one of life’s great romantic stress-relievers, but outside of the bedroom, there’s plenty more ‘date night’ or ‘romantic getaway’ options that will bring you closer to your partner, reviving a love that can sometimes find itself strained around the constant presence of kids. If you feel like you and your significant other deserve to max-out on romantic pleasures, book a spa weekend or head to a hotel with incredibly surrounding scenery to set the scene for your renewed love. Have a date night or a romantic getaway

Everyone knows that romantic love is as much about passion as it is about red wine and roses, so, alternatively, the weekend away to go skiing in the mountains, surfing at the seaside, or canoeing down long twisting rivers could be wonderful for the both of you. When away doing activities, you’ll still have the evenings to look blissfully into one another’s eyes, only in this scenario, after having had some thrills and spills over the course of the day that reminds you how special your loved one really is.

Games with Friends

If you’re super-organized and have arranged to send your kids off for the weekend at the same time as your friends have ushered their children into their grandparents’ arms, then it’s time to let the good times roll, couples style! Letting loose with another couple is so enjoyable because the four of you are all sharing in the heady experience of letting your hair down, rediscovering the freedom of youth and the joys of later wine-sodden nights.

One of the best ways to bring adult friends together is over dinner and games, which can get increasingly rambunctious as the evening progresses and the alcohol supply is drained. Other than evenings in, consider heading to the Cincinnati Escape Room, or other such puzzle-based escape games, where you’ll be forced to test your wits against the clock to find a murderer in a fantasy mystery that’s sure to be as thrilling as it is hilarious – that’s if you manage to escape, of course.

Extreme Sports

Will your children believe that while they were spending time with your folks, you were doing a tandem skydive? Or that you’ve taken up precipitous rock climbing, or canoeing or white water rafting  in deep river canyons? Probably not, so make sure you get pictures! This option isn’t for the faint-hearted but may well be best-suited to those with a certain understandable trepidation about throwing themselves out of a plane at a few thousand feet. After all, the thrill is only as high as the fear-factor that goes along with it. Destress-Couples Participate in Extreme Sports

To really go wild when your children are away, there’s probably nothing more thrilling, exciting, adventurous and interesting than jointly deciding, with your partner, to go and get stuck into an adrenaline sport. You’ll be liberated from your day-to-day anxieties and worries when you’re about to jump, dive or climb, but once it’s all over you’ll have a refreshed perspective on the world, and those worries will look that bit smaller because of it. Join the phenomenon, and reap the health and wellbeing benefits of adrenaline pursuits.

Watch Music

You may have met your loved one at a gig or concert, in the mud and dust of a music festival or the dark haze of a club. Even if you didn’t meet with a musical backtrack though, you’ll still likely have bonded as a couple over some of your favorite records or artists – music that gives you something special and intimate as well as conjuring up memories of the time at which you fell in love. Keep up with your favorite artists’ tours so that you’ll be able to plan seeing them and bringing a rush of love and happiness into your life that will boot all existing stress out of the gig.

Alternatively, it can be as rewarding to discover new music with your significant other, creating new memories and bonds to build upon all that you already share. In this case, it’s worth popping into your local live music venues whenever you have an evening without the kids – it’s always a great atmosphere, and the ambiance in and of itself is worth the trip. You’ll be able to slip out with your partner whenever you wish, having spent an evening out o tee up your romantic evening in.

Surprise Your Partner

Love is nothing if it is not spontaneous, surprising and gripping, and surprising your partner with a holiday, restaurant booking or even a new set of undergarments will certainly bring an element of thankfulness, fun and passion back into your relationship that you can revel in away from the stresses of raising a family. You’re the rocks upon which the fate of the family rests, so it’s always a good idea to think of lovely surprises for your loved one.

You don’t have to break the bank with a swanky stay in a 5-star hotel, it’s really the thought that counts, allowing the pair of you to focus on the good times without twiddling your thumbs when the kids are away, wondering what to do with yourselves and why you hadn’t made a plan sooner. Busting stress with spontaneity is a guaranteed winner, so why not get your thinking cap on for next time you’re without the kids. 

Your time without your children in your care should be used to revitalize your relationship, ridding yourself of your domestic stresses by getting out there and seizing the initiative in your free time. Hopefully, these tips will come to mind next time you’re with your partner, thinking of things to do to occupy your child-free time.

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