How to Clean Mold in the Bathroom

Mold is a kind of fungus that is known to begin its growth in warm, humid conditions, and can sustain life practically anywhere. That should be no shock to you if you see mold in your bathroom. Mold spontaneously grows when yeast spores from the air land on a moist life source. When you think of mold, you think of a stubborn condition to deal with. Bathroom mold can be a hassle to take care of, but once you know how to handle it and properly clean it up, it’ll be a breeze! 

Prevent Mold from Growing

The first step to cleaning mold out of your bathroom is preventing the mold from further growth. As mentioned previously, mold spontaneously grows in warm and humid environments. If you dry the wet source and where your mold is getting their water from use a fan to help dry the area, you have a greater chance of preventing mold growth. Additionally, though, they need a food source to live. This food source, as unpleasant as it may sound, is often your dead skin cells and soap residue. For this, you have to manually clean up the mess.

How Not to Clean Bathroom Mold

There are different methods of cleaning mold off of your bathroom surfaces. There are also various methods to avoid when trying to remove bathroom mold. If you happen to clean the mold off improperly, it can microscopically stay on your surfaces and continue to grow over time. When cleaning mold, avoid bleaching or scraping.

Bleaching, unlike the common misconception, does not kill mold. This will pose as an ineffective method. If you try to scrape the mold off, it ends up brushing more mold spores into the air. This allows the mold to grow in a different location in your bathroom. Now that you know how not to clean bathroom mold, let’s look at the proper way.

How to Properly Clean Bathroom Mold

There are two great ways to clean mold to ensure no regrowth and great removal results. The more properly you clean the mold in your bathroom, the less likely it is to grow back. The first way to correctly clean bathroom mold is using vinegar. Vinegar is known to kill around 80% or higher of mold species.

Put pure vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the mold and the area around it. After about an hour, use hot water and pour it over the vinegar. Dry and remove remaining mold with a dry towel. A second way to clean mold is by using soap and warm to hot water. Pour this solution on the mold and let it sit, then wipe away with a dry cloth. Vinegar is more effective, but if it’s emergent and you only have soap, use the soap.

Having Trouble?

If you notice you’re having trouble removing mold in the proper way, or if your bathroom mold keeps returning, consider hiring a professional to help you. Maid service Boston can help you permanently remove mold. They are qualified to clean and follow proper methods of cleaning. If you have mold in your bathroom and can’t appropriately control it, hire a maid in Boston to help you out today.

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