6 Tips To Clean Your Bedroom

6-tips-on-cleaning-your-bedroom-efficientlyHow To Clean Bedroom

Your personal space is where you build dreams. A neat and tidy bedroom brings peace and tranquility in life and prepares you for a good night’s sleep. But when life looks hectic, bedroom cleaning might seem daunting. But is room cleaning such an arduous task? Of course, not! Here is how to clean the bedroom guide to getting you started.

Tips To Clean Bedroom

Divide tasks

Well, when it comes to cleaning a bedroom, it should help to create a chore list with two types of tasks –

  • Quick, efficient
  • Time-consuming

You may want to set targets to complete both tasks. Start working on simple, everyday messes. You must have built up a lot of trash in your room all week. So, now is the time to start with clearing the clutter.  Get yourself a small wastebasket in your room. This is where all the trash should sit. Throw away the trash to empty the wastebasket regularly.

Keep extra trash bags in a drawer or under the basket so you’ll have liners handy when the existing trash bag is removed.

If you do not feel like completing all the chores on the task list it is recommended that you hire a company such as this Dallas house cleaning service.

Completing each task should give you the motivation to continue with the room cleaning job more efficiently. Dividing tasks does make life a little easier.

Clear the clutter underneath

When you are wondering how to clean the bedroom, the first thing you want to do is check underneath your bed. It’s one space that is expected to bear the brunt of your hectic life. Look out for any crap underneath or even on the floor. If you, too, have got into the habit of dropping clothes on the floor during your rushed mornings, it is a good idea to bring an open bin to take care of dirty clothes.

Strip your bed and change the linen. Remove the pillowcases, sheets, duvet, and comforter! Throw all dirty bed linen into the laundry. Wash the comforter occasionally. This will help keep your bedroom clean.

Collect all clean clothes

The weekend shopping has resulted in heaps of new clothing sitting on the table along with other clean clothes that have returned from the laundry. It does not make a great sight, does it? Well, when it comes to room cleaning, always make it a point to fold any clean cloth and hang it in your wardrobe instead of throwing it on the table. Piles of clothing here and there can easily hold your room hostage and strip it of peace. Take a few minutes every day to put away your clothing before hitting the bed.

Throw the trash

You have got into the habit of hoarding waste, from shopping bills to waste paper, flight tags, broken bangles, old magazines, and what not! The more you ignore such stuff, the more your room wears a cluttered look. The idea is to remind yourself of disposing of all waste in time so the trash does not keep piling.

Put all the dirty clothes in a sleek bin or laundry basket that aligns with your bedroom décor.

Pick misplaced stuff

It is likely that you have hoarded certain items in your bedroom that are meant for another room. Vanities, dressers, nightstands, drawers, and desks can easily become drop zones of such items that keep accumulating over time. Collect all such stuff in a basket or bag and move them to their ultimate home.

Further, it should help to consider creating an organization system for items of common use that are put to frequent use, such as jewelry, cosmetics, and keys. Tuck away your reading glasses in a small box set in a nightstand drawer or store your earrings and accessories in decorative trays or bowls on the drawer.

Dust fixtures

Dusting is integral to cleaning a room. Your curtains can collect dust too. The same goes for light fixtures, lampshades, furniture pieces, and window treatments. Make it a habit to lightly dust these features regularly to keep your room clean. One of the tips to clean bedroom easily and deeply is to use a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to clear your space of any allergens.

Keep the window panes sparkling clean

A scratched or smudged window pane ruins the beauty of a space. When the idea is to deep clean bedroom, wipe down windows, mirrors, and glass-paneled doors in the bedroom. Let your windows sparkle in the sunlight. Wipe clean the windows from top to bottom. Chances are that if you have young kids around, then their tiny fingerprints can be easily spotted at the bottom of windows.

Clean the mattress

The mattress bears most of the abuse in your room. No bedroom looks clean with a dirty mattress and rugs. You may stir 1/2 teaspoon of liquid detergent in a quart of water until frothy. Apply the solution on a sponge and work on the mattress. It is a good idea to rinse the water frequently. Do not start the cleaning process on the other side until one side has dried thoroughly.

Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the mattress and rugs and vacuum it after a few hours so it absorbs musty odors.

De-clutter the wardrobe

Your closet is the biggest clutter culprit in your bedroom. If you have a lot of clutter teeming in your wardrobe, it’s time to clear out the clothes that you no longer wear. Are there a few dresses that never quite onto the right hanger. It takes only five seconds to hang your clothes. You may choose to fold your everyday wear and stack them on the shelf.

Just commit 20-30 minutes of your time to everyday bedroom cleaning and you will no longer see it as an overwhelming task to clean your bedroom. Remember, the more often you de-clutter your room, the lesser the amount required for deep cleaning.
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