What Your Home Style Says About You… And How to Change It

When you walk into a home store are you drawn to an electric green pillow, a simple black table or a supersoft, fluffy blanket? A recent study has shown that different regions tend to favor different styles of interior design and put emphasis on different rooms and it says a lot about the culture and people in those states. Interior design has as much to do with who you are as a person and what vibe you want your space to have. Curious as to what your home says about you? Here’s what you need to know about analyzing your space! What Your Home Style Says About You… And How to Change It

Start with the Walls

Color is a crucial point in setting the tone for the vibe of a room. Is your home filled with greens and browns and earthy tones? You like the relaxing, earthy vibe that eases the shock to the senses of moving from the outside to indoors. Are you likely to choose gray or blue? Gray is serenity and blue is calm and fresh. Have a home that incorporates both colors? You are focused on creating a space that’s zen.

Red- Power, Passion

Orange- Energy

Yellow- Happiness, Creativity

Green- Soothing

Blue- Calm, Fresh

Purple- Royalty, Luxury

Gray- Relaxation

Brown- Relaxing

Black- Power

White- Cleanliness, Purity

Thinking about tweaking the color of your walls paint? Don’t feel like you can’t mix and match. Too much orange will be overwhelming and an all white room will feel sterile and impersonal. Spruce it up with a statement wall based on the room’s purpose!

The Room’s Styling

What did you decide to put inside of the room? Did you fill your bedroom with soft pillows, fluffy blankets and tapestry hangings? This implies a soft, inviting room designed for comfort and relaxation. Do you keep your surfaces cleared and clutter free with no knick-knacks or distractions? You are all about efficiency, getting things done and keeping things neat, and you are clear headed and rational. Do you have brightly colored furniture, blankets, and little things scattered all over every surface? You’re the picture of exuberance, very open and full of life, and passionate about everything. We experience every room on different levels, and texture makes a big difference in the design aesthetic of the room.

Most of your design decisions in this case are intuitive – your personality tends to dictate what type of things you’re attracted to and how you’ll display them. Which style most closely resembles your home- and which one represents the real way you wish your home were designed?

Farmhouse Style- Warm, rustic

Cottage Style- Quaint, cozy, plush

Mid-Century Modern- Understated with accents, trendy

Modern- Neutral, efficient, simple

The Room You Emphasize

Which area do you spend the most time in? Which room needs to be the most styled and designed for a specific purpose? If you work from home, focus on styling your office to maximize your efficiency and give you a professional space. If you love to cook and entertain, make the kitchen and living areas pop. Take a good, hard look at what part of your home needs the most design attention.

Whether you thrive in minimalist surroundings that enhance your focus or need blankets, pillows and every surface covered with fun knick knacks to get going, your home is an extension of you! Knowing your style means finding cool pieces that will create a home that fits your personality. So take a look at your space and see what you can do to spruce up your space!

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