Review: Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flat Strappy Sandals

About Funny She Jill Shoe Company ”  FSJ” is a shoe brand, synchronized with international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. FSJ means extremely “ Innovation “ or ” Adventurous “, which symbolizes the modern women’s life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality. We aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality.Funny She Jill Shoe Manufacturers

 Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flats Strappy SandalsOpen Toe Flats Strappy Sandals From FJS-FeatureOpen Toe Flats Strappy Sandals From FJS-Feature

Quick View
Synthetic Sole
Heel height: Approx ( varied slightly by size )
High quality with strictly handmade.
Always Full-Size US4-15 available. For additional size, width, colors, and material. We could also offer customized service.
Order handling: 2-7 business days.
Shipping time
DHL: 2-5 days
Free shipping: within 15 days.
30 days return
Images were taken off from the actual product, therefore, actual color may differ slightly due to different monitor display setting.

I received my choice of shoes and chose these fun Gold Gladiator Sandals Open Toe Flats Strappy Sandals gold_gladiator_sandals_open_toe_flats_strappy_sandals_1_

I was impressed that FJS’s shoes are handmade in their factor, and it actually took a bit of time to receive my sandals, but they are really well constructed. The workmanship and materials are great. When I put them on they are soft, no binding like some shoes and the fit is perfect, I ordered a size 7 and they do fit true to size. 

When you visit their website you will find an array of shoes, platform, heels, flats, sandals, both flat and heels including boots. In amazing colors and materials. There are polka dot, rhinestone, rivets, romance, low cute, high cut, lace up, open-toed, closed toe, etc. 

    • Here are a few examples of shoe heights:

Customize Your Own Shoes:
You can even customize a pair of shoes by uploading a picture, here’s how:
How to make your own shoes?
Step 1. Submit custom shoes require and images.
Step 2. Get Price offer from us & Place an order.
Step 3. Make approval with of your shoe completed photos.
Step 4. Receive your custom shoes.

I’ve never known a shoe company to make shoes for you, wow the possibilities are unlimited!! What would you have created, something with flowers or a favorite photo? It took me a while to choose a pair of shoes but I wanted something I would not normally buy, these will be fun to wear with skirts or dresses. If it was my granddaughter she would probably wear them with shorts and accessorize with a cute belt and purse!!

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