Sims 4: Gardening Levels Guide

Gardening is perhaps the most complex of all the skills in The Sims 4 and takes a lot longer than the others to describe. It is certainly one of the funniest to learn, and if you stick it out you can reap some pretty cool benefits. Here the full list of levels in Gardening.

Skill levels of Sims 4 Gardening

How to grow cowplant in Sims 4

Level 1

Your sim will be able to grow, water, weed and harvest plants at first stage of gardening ability. They will also be able to purchase on-computer launch seed packets. Nonetheless, the best way to gain the ability is by doing, not reading, they should read books on gardening.

Level 2

When your sim advances to the 2nd stage of gardening skill they can now study gardening on the machine. You can get a concentrated moodlet when you do this which can help with gardening.

Level 3

Your sim can now fertilize its plants at level 3 of gardening ability. We’ll talk more about fertilizing later, but growing better quality plants can be extremely helpful.

Level 4

When your sim reaches gardening skill level 4, they can unlock the opportunity to buy seasonal fall and spring seed packets if you have seasons enabled, this is helpful to prepare your garden to have crops available throughout the year. You will now now be able to speak to plants, ensuring that your sim will obtain their social needs while never having to talk to sims again!

Level 5

At level 5 of gardening your sim can unlock the ability to take a cut and graft to other plants. We’ll explore it more later! You will also unlock seasonal seed packs in winter and summer, if you have seasons in place.

Level 6

Upon reaching gardening level 6 the sim will be able to weed wider areas instead of only single plants. It makes your garden much easier to care for.

Level 7

You’ll unlock the ability to tend gardens at Level 7 of the gardening skill. This makes it so that with just one click your sim can weed and water its entire garden. You’ll also unlock the unique seed packets and seed packets for farmers.

Level 8

When your sim reaches gardening level 8 they will unlock the ability to super sell. This is nice because you will be able to sell tons of plants at once without the need to spend time harvesting them. Today your sim will pay § 100 for reviving a dead plant.

Level 9

When you reach level 9 of gardening skill you do not get any new gardening experiences, however, you do start gardening so much faster. You should find your sim easy to weed and drink.

Level 10

You’ll unlock unique seed packets at Level 10 of gardening. These are expensive at § 1,000 a pack, but if you need a pal, they will give you a lot, and even have a cowplant berry in them!

Keep in mind that you need to give your sim the right traits like loving outdoors and others, so that it evolves easily and happily.

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