The Inner Workings of a GPS Tracker

The Inner Workings of the GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker works using three key components. Those are the user, the control system, and the 24 orbiting satellites. These satellites are orbiting the earth some 11,000 nautical miles into space. They are funded by the US Department of Defense, who also has full control over them. They control them by having monitoring stations all over the planet. These stations receive satellite data and analyze and monitor this. Originally, this was designed for military operations. Today, however, it is used by everyday people for a variety of reasons. The Inner Workings of the GPS Tracker

How Does the GPS Tracker Work?

In order for a specific location to be pinpointed with 100% accuracy, it needs four satellites. Thanks to advances in technology, three satellites can also provide very good accuracy, ranging to around 10 to 15 meters. Most of the time, these devices track vehicles, which average at three meters in length, which means the positioning is still almost completely accurate.

Many people now use the systems in cars, therefore. In fact, they do so for a variety of different things because it seems as if we, as modern 21st century humans, want to track everything. Vehicles are still the most common place in which these trackers are installed, because it enables owners to make sure they know where they are going at all times. The satellite navigation system that most people are now familiar with is a prime example of this.

However, these devices also have an added benefit of vehicles. Should a car get stolen, for instance, it is easy for the user to immediately locate it again. Nobody listens to ordinary car alarms anymore, after all, which means something else is needed. GPS trackers are the perfect solution for this. So much so, in fact, that many insurance companies lower their insurance premiums for those who have them in place. Should a car get stolen, law enforcement can immediately be informed of where the vehicle now is and how it got there. No longer do you have to worry of your car being taken apart in a chop shop, because you will be able to find it long before it even gets there.

Clearly, this device is a true genius and marvel of modern technology. Thieves are being deterred by it significantly. In fact, a lot of people now tell them outright that the car is fitted with this type of technology, because thieves are virtually unable to find it. If they were to look for it, they would be disturbed in their actions long before they were able to get away with the car. They can be fitted anywhere on a vehicle, after all, and they are now so small that they resemble something out of a James Bond movie!

There are many other ways in which someone can benefit from a GPS tracker. They can use it to keep track of an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s, make sure they always know where their children are, or even check on a spouse suspected of cheating. The possibilities are truly endless!
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