How Do You Feel About Sexual Harassment is it Toxic to Health

As more and more cases of sexual harassment in the workplace are coming to the surface, it is evident that this behavior has been considered “the norm” for decades. If the employer does not effectively address the case for sexual harassment within its own workplace, you may need to take action with someone like a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer, and they may need to get involved. It seems like there has been a lot of in-depth coverage on the harassers losing their jobs, but there has not been much media on how this behavior has left the victim emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sexual harassment in the workplace obviously puts a lot of emotional strain on a person at work, leaving him or her uncomfortable and distracted. These emotions can bleed into other parts of their life, having negative effects mentally and even physically. Sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace-are-coming-to-the-surface

Mental Effects of Sexual Harassment

Victims of sexual harassment can experience long-term mental effects. Extreme depression can loom and play a part in the person’s personal life, causing severe results such as inability to sleep at night and toxicity in relationships. Stress and anxiety associated with sexual harassment interferes with performance in work life, as well as personal life. Those at the center of sexual harassment experience feelings of self-doubt and self-blame that can promote further depression. There is also a huge link between sexual harassment and post-traumatic stress disorder, which can cause the victim to relapse and re-experience the trauma. These feelings leave him or her with the tendency to avoid other people and situations where they feel vulnerable, having a negative effect on his or her confidence and demeanor.

Physical Effects of Sexual Harassment

Anxiety and stress is not all mental. The anxiety and stress of sexual harassment can cause physical problems, such as raised blood pressure and physical pain. Physical aches and pains, such as headaches and strain on the neck and back are results of any traumatic experience. Sexual harassment can also affect a person’s eating habits and make them question their physical appearance. There are healthy ways to lose weight, but unhealthy habits like binge eating or not eating at all can harm the body. It is obvious that emotional stress plays a part in every aspect of the victims life.

Sexual harassment has unlimited negative effects on the victims health and it is important to talk about these effects with your loved ones and even seek medical support.  

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