The 4 Things You Should Probably Start in Your 30’s

When you were younger, you were always reminded by your mother to not use any of the beauty products that may damage your youthful skin. You were advised to stick to the products that were suited to your age. When you had pimples in your early years, you used mild products that were advisable for your age at that time, to avoid altering your skin’s normal repair mechanism. Skin Care in your 30s

Even though a lot of skin care products like Beauty by Earth are safe to use for all ages, there are a lot of things that aren’t advisable for you to do while you’re in your teens. However, as you grow older, your skin needs change and you need to use products that are stronger than the ones you are used to. Sleeping with your makeup on used to be fine in the teen years, but eventually, you can see the dullness and irritation especially when you’re nearing 30.

You notice that your skin changes along with your body. During your early teen years, your skin is prone to breakouts and acne mainly due to the secretion of hormones during the adolescence period. We’d like to think it ends there but the problem is that the skin consistently ages as time progresses, and when you reach your 20’s, you would have different problems to tackle. After your 20’s, you have the grueling 30’s where you realize that you can no longer take advantage of your skin’s natural repair, as you used to in your youth.

Having a skin care routine in your 30’s is a given but if you’re only doing the basic four (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, cream), you may be missing out on crucial beauty steps that need to be done at your age. Here are the 4 things you should start on your 30’s skincare routine:

1. Use Serums

Serums or repair serums are used to target certain parts of the face that need correction. This product is considered the specialist treatment product. It is one crucial component that makes a good skin care routine on your 30’s. In comparison to the traditional moisturizer, the active ingredients found in serums allow products to penetrate into the dermal layers better. The hyaluronic acid in the serum can treat dehydration and signs of aging in your skin.

You only need a few drops to cover the whole face; any excess could be more damaging to the skin. Serum is applied by drops and through patting or pressing instead of smearing or rubbing.

2. Use Eye Creams

Eye creams are not used for the actual eye but for the skin around the eyes, which are thinner than other parts of your face. That area does not have many oil glands, so this is prone to dryness, fine lines and puffiness. Having nightly eye treatment helps prevent the damage and wrinkles done by aging.

3. Use Night Creams

Night creams are meant to stay on your skin while sleeping. At night while our body is resting and asleep, the skin works on restoring damages. This is fighting the impurities and pollution on your face gathered the whole day. It rejuvenates the process of your concern as it helps in the repair.

4. Exfoliate Properly

In your 30’s, it’s not only important to exfoliate but it’s imperative that you don’t over exfoliate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you only need to exfoliate once a week. But with oily skin, it is better to do it twice a week.  Exfoliating is a process of shedding from a surface. You have to avoid harsh granules on exfoliating your skin. It is better to use the exfoliating products with fruit enzymes.

These products are harsh on young skin so it’s not recommended to use these when you’re in your 20’s unless if you already have a hereditary skin problem that needs fixing. When you feel that your face reacts slower to pimples than before, then it’s time to start adding the skin care products to your face care arsenal.

You may not find the need for routine skin care in your early years, but eventually, your skin will ask you to take better care of it. As the years go by, you will be required to consistently take better care of your skin especially if you are living in an area that’s prone to heat.

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