6 Reasons Why Buying the Right Mattresses Matters – Boost Your Health!

It is a fact that we spend more than half of our life in bed, sleeping. However, the majority of the people complaining of not feeling adequately rested and properly relaxed even after a night’s sleep. There are many reasons why people are not able to enjoy a good night sleep with one of the primary reasons behind is substandard bedding they use.

If you are facing sleep issues and feel tired of waking up in the morning, it is essential to check your bedding and take a decision whether to change it or not. Ask the below questions to yourself.

  • Whether you tend to toss around in bed whole night?
  • Do you frequently wake up at night feeling your back and neck hurting?
  • Do you find it hurting on sleeping at your favorite position?
  • Do you feel the night was too short on waking up?

If you have to answer most of the above questions with a straight ‘YES,’ it is time to change your mattress.

Troubles with old mattresses

Old mattresses may cause unhealthy stress on different body parts, which ultimately cause pain, discomfort, and a long run it may end up in chronic orthopedic symptoms. Appling imbalanced pressure on the sleeper’s body will cause unnecessary tossing and reposition on the bed throughout the night, which will cause lack of proper stress and thereby loss of energy, which may adversely affect day’s work and the chance of happy living.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the favorite choice of many across the globe lately as it offers much more comfort to the users when compared to the other types of conventional mattress materials. The technology of Memory Foam Talk is developed by NASA to be offered to the spaceship travelers, with which memory foam can self-contour the surface by sensing the heat of the body and cradle your body to offer extreme comfort at any position. 

Let’s further review a few major benefits offered by memory foam.

  1. No pain – Memory foam mattresses can keep your spine in the most natural and relaxed position, which help eliminate back problems.
  2. Better immunity – A restful night sleep will help boost human immunity.
  3. More energy and better productivity – If you wake up fresh in the morning by recharging your energy resources, you can apparently perform better at work by ensuring more productivity and quality.
  4. Efficiency tested – As we discussed above, memory foam mattress technology was developed by expert scientists, which has tested and proven the ability to muscle, bone, and circulatory ailments.
  5. Recommended by doctors – Chiropractors and physicians now highly recommend memory foam mattresses to their patients suffering from back, neck, shoulder pain, etc.,
  6. Non-allergic – Mattresses are the favorite spot for germs and dust to accumulate, but memory foam structure will not allow these harmful substances to accumulate on its surface, which further eradicates the possibilities of any allergies, itching, skin irritation, sneezing, watery eyes or so.

Above all these, you can find varieties of choices in memory foam regarding size, shape, color, and other preferences. These are available in affordable pricing, and many manufacturers offer significant discounts and warranty options too on these.

There are mattresses that work best for back pain and side sleepers, but if you have back pain as I do then I suggest to consider shopping at best mattress for back pain to get the best nights sleep.


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Get Quality Night Sleep by Getting the Right Mattress

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3 Strange Beauty Benefits Of Having A Good Mattress

No doubt the title of this article has intrigued you. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t just click bait to try and draw you in! That’s right, some genuine beauty benefits come with having a good mattress. Don’t believe me? Check out the points down below to see what I’m talking about: 3 Strange Beauty Benefits Of Having A Good Mattress


No More Black Bags

One of the biggest beauty problems out there is waking up with black bags under your eyes. You look like you’ve been in a bar fight, but the reality is you just had a bad night’s sleep. A lot of the time, a bad night of sleep can be caused by a bad mattress. It’s uncomfortable, meaning you wake up regularly and have a very disruptive night. On the contrary, if you have a comfortable mattress, you will sleep better every night. There’ll be no more waking up because the mattress causes pain, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of clouds that carry you through the night. In the morning, you’ll wake up with a nice long sleep behind you, and the only black bag you’ll see will be the one you carry in your hand.

Wake Up Smelling Better

Now, there are many people out there that choose to shower in the evening instead of showering in the morning. Why? Because you spend less time getting ready in the morning, meaning you can devote more time to your beauty routine. Or, you don’t have to get up as early, meaning you can sleep in. Either way, it’s a smart idea. But, there’s one problem; what if you sweat a lot during your sleep? This happens a lot during the hot months of the year as you can overheat while in bed. However, as it shows on mattress-guides.net, there are mattresses out there that are made in such a way that they cool you down. They regulate your body temperature, stopping you from overheating and waking up drenched in sweat. As a result, you will wake up every morning as fresh as you went to bed the night before. You’ll smell nicer, and be able to get away without showering in the mornings! Wake Up Smelling Better


Clearer Skin On Your Face

Another strange beauty benefit of having a good mattress is that it helps keep your skin clear. As mentioned in an article on cosmopolitan.com, a lack of sleep can cause issues in your skin. You wake up with red patches here and there – which can often be because you were too hot – and it could cause acne breakouts. Likewise, you often wake up with dehydrated skin when you don’t sleep well, and this could all be because you don’t have a good mattress to lie on. So, by changing to a better mattress, you could well wake up with much better skin every day.

You see, something as simple as a change of mattresses could lead to a whole host of benefits. As well as these beauty benefits, there are also loads of health benefits too. The bottom line is, a good mattress helps you sleep better, which will ultimately benefit your health and beauty.
Get Quality Night Sleep by Getting the Right Mattress
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Not Sleeping Well? Get a Better Night’s Sleep With These Top Tips!

Sleeping well is a great way to reward your body for the strain of everyday life, but getting to sleep isn’t always easy. A lack of consistent, good quality sleep can leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and your health will suffer as a consequence. You should aim for at least 6 hours of sleep per night, but time is just one metric. Quality of sleep is what’s important, and though it’s easy to turn to medication, there are various natural solutions to sleep better, for example advice from happysleepyhead.com

This article will explore how to get a better night’s sleep, which will bring you one step closer to reaching your full potential. Sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective, and by implementing simple steps, you can enhance your lifestyle. 

Establish a Routine
Developing a regular sleep schedule is essential for sleeping well, especially since our bodies are wired to sleep better when our body clock is aligned with our natural circadian rhythms. If you’re going to sleep at different times every night, your body can never fully adjust and reap maximum benefit from sleep. Instead, it’s important to maintain a consistent sleep/wake cycle in which you’re going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day.

Though it’s tempting to lie in at the weekends, try to maintain your schedule regardless of circumstances, and create a winding down schedule to accompany your routine. If you do get a late night one night, force yourself to wake up early the next day, since you can more effectively correct your sleeping pattern by going to bed early the next evening. Ultimately, sleeping in later than your body expects can send you down an uncertain path, so be disciplined with your routine.

Improve Your Sleeping Environment
Temperature, lighting, and the quality of sleeping materials can make a huge difference. The perfect temperature for falling asleep is between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s important to keep your room as dark as possible. If you’re subjected to artificial lights from screens or lamps, your body will be tricked into thinking it’s day time, so make sure your room is sufficiently dark. Install a comfortable mattress, alongside soft pillows and high-quality linen. Cotton Sheets Made In USA, as opposed to outsourced manufacturers, are a fantastic choice. Not only will you be ensured a quality product, but you can rest assured that they’re entirely made in the USA–which means it’s a great option for supporting the domestic economy! If you prioritize creating a comfortable environment, you’ll find yourself getting to sleep in no time.

Exercising during the day will give you natural energy to function properly, while helping you sleep better. If you’ve engaged in aerobic exercise for 30 minutes or more, you’re more likely to fall asleep naturally. Remember not to exercise too close before bed time, because exercise has a tendency to wake us up.

Eat Well
Processed foods will wreak havoc with your sleep cycle. Stick to healthy, natural food sources which are high in antioxidants, and establish an effective balance of vitamins and minerals. Consequently your body will recover effectively, absorbing the nutrients it needs. Remember not to eat too close before bed, because bloating can restrict your ability to sleep.

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