Make Your Android Phone More Smart-Must Have Apps

Make your android phone more smart and advanced by installing some of the must have apps

There are so many things to explore in a Smartphone from its features to camera and from voice clarity to storage. But, no Smartphone is complete until and unless you install some popular apps in it. Well there is no end to the number of applications as each day one or more application is launched with lot of new features.Make Your Android Phone More Smart-Must Have Apps

Few must have apps –

Audio recorder – Most of the android devices do not come up with voice recorder due to some reason. But, there is no need to worry as you can download it from play store. There are bunch of options which you can give a try as they are free, simple and straightforward. But, always keep in mind that don’t do recording in high quality unless it is highly needed because it takes lot of space.

Inbox by Gmail – This is another app that you must have in your Smartphone. This is email app from Gmail, although it is not a huge departure but has number of interesting features that will make your life more convenient and stress free especially when you find yourself with crowded inbox. This app sorts mails into several groups which means you can scroll simply right and pass promotional emails and other unnecessary things which is less important. Overall with this app you can focus on the messages which actually need your attention.

Cloud based app – 21st century is a modern century and with many advancements coming in technologies things are getting more easily day by day. So, one of the must have app is such which offer cloud based services. With launch of cloud based network you can store anything online and can get it back whenever you need it. This will help in saving lot of space in your mobile phone and even offer free space for saving all your important files online.

Spy app – There are so many reasons because of which spy app is listed among a long list of popular applications. One of the main reasons is, it can be used for spying or monitoring other people’s smartphone. And the plus point of such type of app is the user of phone which you are spying will never get to know about it unless you tell him or her. Spy app is quite beneficial for parents, employers and couples. Today, so many android spy apps are available among which you can choose one and get one as per your need. Look for hidden spy apps for android and you will surely want to check them out.

Online newspaper – With starting of e-newspaper many people are able to save lot of their expenditure. It comes as a blessing for many people who do not have morning tea without reading newspaper. This app is easy to use and come with all the important news just like normal newspaper. Most of the newspaper app even sends you notification about breaking news or current news of your interest through message or email.

Among a long list of apps, choosing few applications which are fruitful for you can be little hectic. Above mentioned are few best apps which you can prefer to install.
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