How to Add the Power of Instagram to Your WordPress Website without Knowing Coding

With a monthly active user base of 1 billion-plus, Instagram has become a force to reckon within social media marketing. Apart from the huge number of followers, it also boasts of the best engagement rate among all social media networks. Due to this wonderful coming together of volume and performance, Instagram has become a social media channel of preference by virtually all businesses, big and small. Even though most businesses have scrambled to get aboard the Instagram train, a relatively smaller number has integrated their Instagram accounts with their existing websites not realizing that the integration can be done very easily and painlessly. How to Add the Power of Instagram to Your WordPress Website Without Knowing Coding

Top Benefits of Integrating Instagram with Your WordPress Website

Given that about 80% of Instagram followers routinely follow at least one business and that the follower base is largely young and affluent, it makes perfect marketing sense for businesses to reach out to this huge audience. When you have a vibrant presence on Instagram, it is a real pity not to use that opportunity to generate more traffic for your WordPress business website. According to, perhaps the biggest benefit of embedding Instagram feed into the website is the creation of a seamless experience between the two for the user.

By incorporating an Instagram feed on your website, you can extend the same high levels of engagement and excitement surrounding your brand on Instagram to the website. Potential customers will be attracted to the Instagram feed and not only spend more time on your website increasing the chances of sales conversion but also be encouraged to follow you directly on your Instagram account and engage with you. Instagram marketers that you can engage to get Instagram likes and followers also recommend Instagram feed integration as a primary tool to boost website traffic. The foremost benefit of adding an Instagram feed to your website is that it increases the exposure of your brand. The other fallout of a closer interaction with the brand on the website or the Instagram account is that they come to know and trust the brand better. This is the reason why businesses need to continuously update the feed by refreshing the contents on Instagram to demonstrate how the company and the brand is innovative, relevant, and positioned to respond to changing customer needs.

Methods of Embedding Instagram Feed to Your WordPress Website

While it is extremely simple to embed individual photos or videos posted on Instagram to your website, the process of embedding the entire feed can be somewhat complicated. The simplest way of achieving this is to use a plug-in made for this express purpose; you can find any number of free and paid WordPress Instagram plugins that can be used easily. Most business owners prefer to embed the Instagram feed into the WordPress website with the help of handy Instagram WordPress plugins. Some of the most popular plugins are:

Feed Them Social: This plug-in stands out in the crowd of Instagram WordPress plugins simply because apart from being able to integrate feed from Instagram, it is equally at home embedding feed from other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can also add a button to your website that will let visitors view your full Instagram photo gallery from the site itself. The plug-in allows you the flexibility of adjusting the feed width and image spacing, as well as the number of columns, through an intuitive interface, and is quite easy to set up. You can use the free base version; however, if you want advanced features like infinite scrolling and a video popup display, you should choose the premium version.

Custom Instagram Feed: This Instagram WordPress plug-in has also become extremely popular because of its ability to give close to total control over the way your website displays your Instagram feed. You can include a follow button as well as arrange the sequence of the photos, set a color for the gallery background, and much more. One of the most outstanding features of this versatile plug-in is that you can integrate feeds from multiple Instagram accounts. This is especially helpful for businesses that may have separate Instagram accounts for different brands or product ranges or even different aspects of the business but want to bring them all together in a combined feed to showcase them on the company website. While you can use the free version for most of your needs, the premium version lets you add other features like captions, videos, and lightboxes in addition to several sharing facilities to your feed.

Enjoy Instagram Feed: Even though this plug-in looks to be a surprise entry in the recommendation list because it does not have as many features as the others; it deserves a special mention due to its extreme ease of implementation and customization. You get access to a large variety of transition effects for your feed and also the ability to add Instagram photos to the website sidebar. The plug-in also allows you to easily adjust the transition speeds and the interval rate of the carousel feeds. The free version should be good enough but the premium version gives a lot many more features including album and badge view layouts, video visualization capabilities, and the facility to add custom shortcodes.

In case, you find that your specific needs are not being addressed by a plug-in, you can avail of a third-party service like IFTTT that gives you the ability to create many interlinked conditional statements that are designed to initiate actions as and when triggers are encountered. Typically, you can create a recipe of pre-configured triggers to automatically transform your photos posted on Instagram into useful WordPress blog posts. Although an automated process, the IFTTT method is not the same as using an Instagram WordPress plug-in but still can be used very effectively to showcase your Instagram posts on your business website.


If you want to leverage the power of Instagram to attract more organic traffic to your website as well as build customer engagement and boost conversion, you must integrate your Instagram account with your business website. Instagram integration with WordPress is a very effective method of keeping the website fresh.
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How to Avoid Losing a Snapstreak

The Snapstreak has become popular on Snapchat, but what exactly is it? It is when you and one other friends have snapped each other at least once within a 24 hour period, for three consecutive days. After the three-day mark, you and your friend will receive a fire emoji next to your name. How to Avoid Losing a Snapstreak

After 10 days of going on a streak, the fire emoji will have a number 10 next to it, and this number signifies how long your Snapstreak is. This concept relies on interactivity, and can encourage you to keep in touch with friends you might otherwise lose contact with. This is an interesting concept which gets us wondering what the longest snapchat streak is.

If within 24 hours your friend doesn’t reply, the streak is over, and Snapchat even signals when your streak is about to end by putting an hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name. This indicates they have four hours left to send or receive a snap before the streak is over. This new idea is a great way to encourage users to keep snapping, and can function to consolidate your friendship with others.

To help your streak live on, here are three top tips to ensure you never lose your Snapstreak again.

Edit Your Friend’s Names
It’s important to differentiate between your ‘Best Friends’ and your ‘Streak’ friends. Otherwise, you might be searching your ‘Best Friends’ to find all your streaks, a list which often fluctuates. A great way to stay on top of your streaks is to ensure they’re at the top of your ‘Friends’ list. You can achieve this by editing your friends’ names. Search for those you want to stay on a Snapstreak with, tap on their icon, and press ‘Edit Name.’ Since your friends are listed alphabetically, you should type ‘Aaa’ at the start of their name, which will move them to the top of the list. This will ensure you never miss a Snapstreak with someone again.

Set a Reminder & Wake Up Snap

If you set an alarm on your phone, this will remind you to send a ‘good morning’ snap first thing. This is especially applicable for people you are close too, and by sending a wakeup snap in the morning, you won’t have to remember to keep up your streak later in the day. You can customize your greeting with a motivational quote, something funny, or a personalized message. If you send something exciting or memorable, this will encourage the recipient to snap you back straight away.

Report Your Streak as Missing

You can report missing Snapstreaks to Snapchat Support, and they’ll kindly rekindle your fire emoji. You can do so by tapping ‘My Snapchat isn’t working’ in Snapchat Support, before tapping on the bubble for ‘Snapstreaks’ from the list provided. Next you should press ‘Yes’ by ‘Still need help?’ before filling out a form to provide relevant details. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours, and if you have a legitimate claim your streak will be restored.

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