What To Know About a Solar Generator

Have you ever thought about a solar generator for portable power? There are so many brands that are available and they all offer different types of service. Some are for when you go camping and others for use when there is a power outage. But all provide a source of energy and can be used for Off Grid Portable Power supply.

Say you build a cabin away from the city where there is no power and you need to pump water, light your cabin run some appliances, you can have that source from solar powered generators that store up energy. All solar generators use a lithium batteries to store the energy from the sun. 

When buying portable generators they come complete with all the adapters and cables that you will need. And are completely portable that you can move easily with handles or if you need larger sizes they are available as well. The large ones have the capability to run larger appliances, like a microwave or freezer and of course store more energy.

Portable solar generators are available online, like Amazon and in local stores.

Besides portable of course there are solar powered systems for homes that will save money on power bills, right now there are initiatives to vote against allowing homeowners to use solar. The reason is the power companies want you to rely totally on them.

Then there are more sophisticated solar systems that require installation, wiring and adapters.

For people that live in areas that have major storms that experience power outages, having a portable solar generator can be a life saver for providing temporary power for charging batteries for computers and cellphones and even machines for people on oxygen.

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