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Welcome to all bloggers that want to boost their blogs by getting out old posts/stories that are still very viable stories that get forgotten about as they disappear from sight after a short period of time, to soon forgotten. 

Bloggers are some of the most creative, imaginative and talented women and sometimes men. Whether you bake, sew, create crafts, recycle, upcycle or make home improvements, renovations, write about blogging, saving money, health, dieting,  how you built a business, or sharing an idea from an old post, this is going to be a great way to share those buried stories, archived stories!!

I love helping bloggers and promoting them, that’s why I came up with this event. I hope you will support the event each week, signup for early notifications and other upcoming announcements!

Time to get ready! For Something Old is Something New

So with that said I’m here to help you reinvigorate your blogs and help your SEO.

But if you missed my first post about this event, I have made updates tips and hints on what we are about to accomplish here, if you did not read the Announcement there are lots of tips to get started.
This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

Now let’s get this event going, Step by Step…Please Follow…Guidelines
1. You will be allowed 2 links And is only open for 50 Links Total
2. Only add 2 Old Posts
3. »No Parties »No Giveaways »No Affiliate Ads/Links
All Others Will be removed so bloggers can share their “old posts” I will be checking date and removing to follow guidelines.
4. Be sure to leave me a comment-Tell me what you think about the event
5. Be sure to share on your favorite social media before you leave.
6. Visit 2 other bloggers and comment on their blog. This is golden and is what will make this event work.
7. Be sure your post has at least one picture in for Pinning on Pinterest

If you have other ‘NEW” posts you would like to share, be sure to stop by Friday Features and Linkup there.
I hope that you will enjoy this new event,  let’s see how it works out, I’m hoping for success!

 Be notified when the event goes live!
Something Old is Something New
Starts Saturday Mornings 10:00 AM PST
There is more to come, get all the upcoming events, information on blogging, tutorials in development, Podcasts. » Sign Up Now


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