5 Everyday Dance Inspired Looks for The Summer

Summer has arrived. If you close your eyes and listen, you will hear the sound of summer clothes being unpackaged and winter coats being stored away.

We watch television, movies, and the internet to see what fashions are hot. But we do not stop to consider where the fashion ideas really come from.

The public may see a new fashion for the first time on the big screen, but most of the time, the fads come from the dance studios.
5 Everyday Dance Inspired Looks for The Summer
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Summer wear – Booty shorts

Shorts are a staple item for the dancer. They must fit her well and not restrict her. This was the idea behind “booty shorts”. Dancers could move friendly and maintain their modesty. To this day, booty shorts are big sellers.

Summer wear – Tank Tops

Tank tops have been around forever, it seems. They are worn alone, under a different blouse, or a button-down shirt. They can be dressed up dressed way down.

In 1912 there were 27 women in the swimming competitions. The modern day bathing suit kept them from moving freely. They would be slowed down. So that year women were introduced by an announcer who said these women were immodest. In those days, the olympic pool was called the tank, Thus the name – tank top.

In the 1920’s women started getting frisky. The started showing more skin, Flapper dresses were made and they were, showing the legs while they danced the Charleston. Hollywood started putting tank tops on the bad guys in the movies, and before long, men and women liked the sex-appeal. So tank tops were flying off the shelves.

Summer wear - Hip Hop PantsPhoto credit: Unsplash

Summer wear – Hip Hop Pants

Dances in the studio, always find their way to the public. Perhaps someone has the nerve to dance the new move in public. Perhaps someone went to a performance that went hot. This is what we assumed with Hip-Hop.

There is one thing that is certain. Hip Hip is not easy. Not just anybody can perform those moves. To do the hip hoodie bent backward, you have to be a good dancer. In typical fashion, a dancer must have his feet on the ground, with his body bent backward.

Hip Hop was being taught in the studios and the dancers were wearing dance pants. When it hit the street, street dancers wanted to glitz it up. They wore loose pants caps (usually worn backward) gold chains and the coolest shoes they could find. They were YouTube ready. Some of these dancers (male and female) were awesome. But their clothing selections were not right. Not only did it keep them from doing the dance properly, it often caused injury.

Serious Hip Hop dancers went for real dance pants. They needed sneakers that would protect their feet and legs. It can hurt a lot if your body turns but your shoe doesn’t. Caps were given up for bandannas and the jewelry was taken off to keep the dancer from giving himself a black eye, chipped tooth or worse. You can find more like this here.

Summer wear – High Neck Swimsuits

This year you will see a change in swimwear. Fashion is bringing back the high neck swimsuit. Much like the dance leotard, this allows women to have fun without worry of cleavage spillage.

Strangely enough, while the cleavage is being covered, the color of the year is nude. Various shades allow you to select a swimsuit so close to you natural body color, people will be doing a double take.

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