Commercial Rice Cookers Impacts the Sushi Industry

Sushi, the traditional dish of Japan is prepared from rice, seafood, and seaweed. Back in the day, expert chefs from Japan were hired by the restaurants to prepare this dish. But the invention of commercial rice cookers has revolutionised the sushi industry.

As of today, around 3,614 sushi restaurants are operating in the US alone, providing the employment opportunities to more than 22,000 people. The sushi restaurant industry has flourished in Australia over the past few years. It has gained popularity around the globe mainly because despite being a fast food item, it’s quite healthy. How the Invention of Commercial Rice Cookers Impacts the Sushi Industry

Not many people are aware that the invention of commercial rice cookers has played a role in making sushi restaurants a success in the international market. Let’s take a look at the ways how rice cookers impact the sushi industry:

·       Prevents Overcooking

Rice is an essential ingredient of sushi. However, it takes some time to cook quality rice on a stove. Moreover, you need to be careful about the rice and water ratio and avoid overcooking rice to make sure they don’t turn into a mushy mess.

Professional chefs, working in restaurants, have busy schedules. They may put rice on the stove and run other errands to save time. If they forget to check rice, all their efforts may go in vain. Commercial rice cookers, however, can prevent such incidents. They come with clear instructions about the right ratio of rice and water to ensure you get perfectly cooked rice every time.

These rice cookers come with the automatic overheat protection feature. They produce a buzzing sound when rice is ready so that they come out perfect.

·       Increases the Production

With the help of Sushi Machine commercial rice cookers, restaurants can effectively increase the production of sushi. It speeds up the process of cooking rice and cooks them within half an hour.

This way, the chefs can quickly prepare sushi and meet the demands of customers. It helps sushi restaurants keep their customers happy and expand their business.

·       Controls Costs

You may buy a sushi machine to reduce the costs of hiring professional chefs for preparing sushi. However, investing in commercial rice cookers for your sushi restaurant can also benefit you in many ways.

It quickly cooks rice to reduce electricity usage. This way, it can help you cut down on the cooking costs. Moreover, it also ensures that rice doesn’t turn into a mess so that you need not throw them away.

·       Saves Time

Commercial rice cookers also save the time and efforts of sushi chefs. They come equipped with a non-stick pot that can be removed easily. The kitchen staff can easily clean this pot for the cleaning purpose. It helps restaurants comply with food safety laws and keep the cookware sparkling clean.

Do you own a sushi restaurant? Then you should buy commercial rice cookers to speed up the process of preparing this Japanese staple food and increase your sales.

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