The Trend of The Restaurant Decoration

Enhancing Table Decor – A Guide for Premium Restaurants

In a commercial place like restaurants, it is important to maintain the beauty of tables. The attractive table will be chosen by the customers. So, it is essential to make all the tables look beautiful and attractive. The trend of the restaurant decoration keeps changing. There are few ideas which always stay in the trend.


So, here is a guide for a premium restaurant about enhancing the table décor:

Colorful table mats

The colorful table mats are one of the best and easiest way to make the tables attractive. The colorful mats are available everywhere and if it is possible you can ask staff to prepare some. The table mats are very easy to make. So, you can conduct an activity at the restaurant for making table mats.

This will help you save money and also make your employees have fun. You can use old clothes or pieces to make them. Use bright and vibrant colors to make them. If you find this like a hassle, then buy them. See to it that you bring in table mats the bright colors. They attract customers easily.
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Faux boxwood mat

Faux boxwood mat is a type of mat that is made of artificial boxwood materials. They are the unique table decors which you can use cover the table. If there are any types of damages and breaks on the table, it can be covered easily. Faux boxwood mats are known to cover the unwanted things and style the place.


Flower Vases

Flower vase on the table has been a tradition since years. The flowers vases with fresh flowers are always welcoming to the customers. Flower vases are so old in the industry that you can find them everywhere. So, you can bring a lot of designs and keep changing them day-to-day.

This makes your restaurant tables look fresh every day. The new looking tables are always attractive. You can bring designer vases which suit your restaurant themes and fill in fresh flowers. If you find the work time consuming then add artificial flowers.



In restaurants, it is always best to keep the required small things like tissues, napkins, spoons and forks available to customers all the time. You can add containers or holders to the center of the table to hold them. Very frequently, we watch holders on the table which contains the essentials.

This makes the servers work much easier. Even the customers need not always wait for some to attend for these small things. The containers can be of various materials. They vary largely in prices. Place the ones which suit the tablecloths.


Artificial foliage

Artificial foliage is a piece of decor which is made of the foliage made of synthetic material. Most of the synthetic foliage is made of plastic. This will best suit the commercial places like restaurants. You can wrap the table legs and or handles with artificial foliage. The soft foliage gives a great experience to your customers.

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Geometric table mats

Geometric table mats are the mates which have something geometric designs. They are either made in geometric shapes or they have geometric designs over them. They are available in every mat store for various prices. They are good for commercial places.

Geometric mats are unique from other types of mats. Their geometric property makes them add dimensions to the place. They keep your customers engaged leaving time for you to serve them. They are also available in various colors and geometric shapes.


Artificial silk trees

Artificial silk trees are the most trendy and adorable decors. They made of a fine material which made more bright and shiny. They make the lace more attractive and elegant. Artificial silk trees can be added to the table as the centerpiece. They look bright during the day and brighter during the night.
















Metal holders

The metal holders are the most used table decors in restaurants. The metal holders are capable of withstanding slips and falls. They also add up to the beauty of the table. The metal holders are available in various unique designs. Metallic holders like flower vases, napkin holders or salt, pepper containers are available.

They make your restaurant tables look neat and elegant. They also help you to make your restaurant look well organized. Thus, it is a very good idea to add metal holders to your restaurant tables. This will enhance the look of your restaurant tables.

Silk bonsai tree

Silk bonsai trees are the small Japanese bonsai trees made of silk materials. If you want to add richness and lavish look to your place bring silk bonsai tree for table decoration. They are so cute and adorable that they literally adapt to any place. Whatever is your restaurant theme, they fit in easily.


Dining table Lamps

Dining table lamps are much required in the restaurant which runs after evening. Usually, sufficient lighting is provided in a restaurant but a dinner table lamp enhances the look of the table. The lamp improves or beautifies the environment of the restaurant. This helps you to attract more customers. This is why the table décor is an essential part of the restaurant. So, add one dining table lamp to each table. They will definitely enhance the table decoration.



The candles are one of the easily available table décors. If you have a candle-light-dinner session in your restaurant, they are a must. There are varieties of candles prepared specially for restaurants. Keep yourself updated and bring the ones which suit your restaurant requirements.

The candles also come with fragrance. They will enhance the mood of the customer and the restaurant environment along with the table appeal enhancement. So, you can add some good looking and sweet odor candles to your restaurant tables.



Above is a guide for premium restaurants about enhancing the table décor. They are easy to understand and implement. They are practically possible to execute for enhancing the table décor. So, try them all to make your restaurant tables look better.

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