Original Healthy Recipes for Teenagers

Sometimes, all a teenager needs is a recipe that enables them to prepare food that gives them extra energy to focus and study. A nice meal is particularly important when working on a term paper essay. It gives you the energy required to concentrate, research and think about what you write. But, some meals are not good for teenagers.Teenagers need a recipe that enables them to prepare food that gives them extra energy to focus & study.

If you are not careful, you will end up with weight loss or weight gain issues while working on your assignments. That’s because you may be tempted to grab the easiest to reach snack so that you can get back to working on your essay. Unfortunately, some foods will leave you without the energy that you need to work on your assignment. Others will give you more fat than your body can ban and leave you with more weight. A great way to avoid this is to know healthy recipes for teenagers and prepare your own food.


Omelet can be a satisfying breakfast, dinner or lunch if you don’t have much time. It is also ideal if you are concerned about dieting. Here are steps for making an omelet:

  • Get two large eggs, a knob of butter and fillings of your choice.
  • Whisk your eggs in a bowl till they are mixed without large, separate blobs of the egg white.
  • Heat your butter in a frying pan till it starts to sizzle and foam, but don’t let it turn brown.
  • Add your eggs at once, shake, and swirl the pan to ensure that the eggs have covered the surface.
  • Once the eggs start setting, pull your omelet edges towards the center of the pan and shake it to spill liquid of the egg into gaps.
  • Add your fillings and your omelet will be ready once the center is slightly in liquid form.
  • Fold your omelet into a half and slide it on a plate.

Quick Quesadillas

Just like completing a writing task becomes easy when you engage a professional essay writing service, preparing quick quesadillas will be easy when you have this recipe.

  • Get a finely chopped onion, olive oil, garlic cloves, ground, cumin, tomato puree, pinto bean, courgettes, cheddar, green chili, coriander, and tortillas.
  • Fry onion in olive oil until soft. Stir through the cumin and garlic. Cook over low heat for at least a minute then add pinto beans and tomato puree. Add water, heat through and mash up with a fork’s back and season.
  • Toss courgette slices in oil with seasoning. Place on hot griddle pan before cooking for some minutes till the sides become grill-marked and tender. Place to the side.
  • Mix chili, coriander, and cheese in a bowl. Spread bean puree over tortillas. Lay courgette slices over and scatter the cheese mixture. Top with tortillas and press the two together. Cook in batches in a griddle pan and turn them carefully for 1 to 2 minutes. Wait till cheese starts to melt and tortillas become crisp. Serve them in wedges.

Speedy Stir-fry

This is an ideal recipe for teens that don’t feel like cooking as long as the ingredients are readily available.

  • To prepare speedy stir-fry, get thinly sliced rump steak, soy sauce, soft brown sugar, chili sauce, rice wine vinegar, vegetable oil, ginger, spring onions, pineapple, coriander leaves, rice, and greens.
  • Mix soy sauce, steak, sugar, vinegar, chili sauce, and sugar together.
  • Set the mixture aside for at least ten minutes.
  • Heat wok with a teaspoonful of oil.
  • Lift the steak from marinade and sear them in batches before removing.
  • Add pineapple and spring onions then return your steak into the pan.
  • Stir while heating for one minute, then add the remaining marinade.
  • Keep stirring till marinade turns thick and the mixture is hot.
  • Sprinkle coriander and serve with greens and rice if you prefer.

Super Berry Smoothie

This is the best recipe for a teenager that has issues with breakfast. It is an ideal compromise for breakfast since it is a fruit-packed smoothie.

  • To prepare it, get frozen berry, pot fat-free strawberry yoghurt, milk, porridge oat, and honey if possible.
  • Whizz yogurt, berries, and milk together using a stick blender till smooth. Take porridge oats and stir them before pouring into four glasses. Use honey drizzle to serve if you prefer.

Most teenagers desire to be independent. Sometimes, a teen doesn’t want to eat what the parent prepares. Nevertheless, it is important for teens to eat foods that keep them healthy because they are active and growing. These recipes enable teenagers to get a balanced diet and stay healthy to do their school work. What’s more, preparing these foods enable teens to acquire basic cooking skills and become more confident. Consider trying out some of these recipes whether you are a parent or a teen.

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