The Best TikTok Doctors

Tik Tok is a great app that anyone ages 13+ can use to watch funny videos. These videos are usually trendy, involving dances or skits. However, TikTok can also be a great platform for short educational videos. Some doctors are using TikTok to teach teens about their health. Below are some of the doctors who are using the app to educate and entertain.

Doctors-Online-Make-Sure-They-Are-CredibleDr. Jason Campbell

Up first is Dr. Jason Campbell, who has been lovingly referred to as the TikTok Doc.  He gained fame on the app when he combined spreading medical information and showcasing his impressive and silly dance moves. Since he started on TikTok around 2020, he has gone viral. USA today even featured one of his videos in November 2020.

Christina Kim

Nobody is pretending that anything good has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Doctors and nurses have struggled to get correct information out to the public; with so much disinformation going around, this can be difficult. One doctor who has made learning the truth behind the coronavirus more fun and easier to understand is Christina Kim. She focuses on giving viewers the facts behind the virus and the vaccine. She also does reviews and reaction videos on other TikTok videos of people spreading misinformation. Of course, she corrects these people. All in all, she does a great job of entertaining and educating her audience.

Nurse Tish

If you have thought about working in the medical field as a nurse, then you might want to check out Nurse Tish’s TikTok. She gives her viewers the facts about being a nurse. It’s not as glamourous and exciting as it seems to be on medical shows. Apart from teaching about what it is like to be a nurse, Tish also gives advice on how to make it through nursing school in one piece!

Kojo Sarfo

Kojo Sarfo has a little bit about everything related to being a doctor on his TikTok. He is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. He also has a doctorate degree. So, you could say he is Dr. Nurse! A lot of his videos are full of educational content, but some are just hilarious! He makes a lot of videos (and jokes) about how difficult nursing school can be… as well as how difficult paying off student loans from nursing school can be. Of course, nursing school was all worth it in the end because he learned the tricks of the trade that help him to be a successful nurse now. He more than happily shares these tips to his viewer with a positive tone.

If you want to learn more about all things medical, why not take the unconventional route and give TikTok doctors a change? Tiktok videos can be watched on their website or on the app. Of course, make sure whoever you are watching is an actual doctor or nurse before you take their advice. TikTok should be used for entertainment purposes first and educational purposes second. So, always do your research. After all, these doctors and nurses have done theirs!

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