7 Key Benefits of Becoming a Foster Parent

7 Key Benefits of Becoming a Foster ParentIt’s a sad truth but one that cannot be avoided- too many children today grow up in unstable, insecure, and conflicted environments.

This type of upbringing translates into the emotional growth of a child and can leave them scarred for life. This is where the brave act of foster parenting can truly make a difference.

If you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, here’s how both you and your family can benefit from the experience.

Becoming a Foster Parent Can Change Your Life

In a perfect world, every child would have an equal chance of growing up in a loving, nurturing, and stable home environment. But the harsh reality is that millions of children the world over just don’t have access to this start in life.

If you and your spouse have ever had the yearning to embark on mission work or give back to the community in some way, foster parenting is a great option.

Becoming a foster parent is a challenge, but one that can be extremely rewarding- not only for you but the child you care for, of course.

Children in the foster care system face a number of obstacles any child should not have to face at a young age. Bringing them into a home of stability, support, and love can show them there’s hope for the future.

1. Make a Positive Difference

The act of foster parenting itself is a massive upheaval on your own family, especially if you have children. But this change should be out-weighed by the fact that you’re making a hugely positive difference in another child’s life.

For most people, being able to make a positive difference in a less-fortunate child’s life is the main driver behind foster parenting.

The process of choosing the right family for a foster child is a complex one. But ultimately, a vulnerable foster child is looking for what every child needs- love, care, and compassion.

Fostering is your chance to give those three fundamental things to a child in need, and leave a positive lasting effect for years to come.

2. Teach Your Own Children the Value of Compassion

Fostering a child may put added pressure on your shoulders, what with your own children to love and care for too. But this is a chance for your children to learn from your actions as a parent.

Choosing to foster a child in need and show them support, love and compassion will teach your own children the value of caring for others.

It also teaches them to live with empathy and kindness, while learning to bond with another child from a different background. Ultimately, this boosts their own sense of cultural awareness and acceptance.

3. Reap the Financial Rewards

Financial gain should never be the primary reason for foster parenting. But choosing to foster with a government or independent agency does have its own set of financial rewards.

Generally, families are offered a foster care allowance as well as reward payments based on their level of fostering experience. These financial gains are offered so that you have access to everything you need in order to offer the best foster care possible.

4. You May Be Legible For Tax Relief

Foster parenting now only offers financial gain in the form of allowances and reward payments, but you could also be legible for tax relief.

This may vary from state-to-state, but most foster care payments are non-taxable, while you may also be able to claim for foster care expenses.

5. Improve Your Parenting Skill-Set

Many independent foster agencies, as well as government programs, offer professional training for all new foster parents. This gives you a chance to broaden your communication skills, and many others, as a parent.

Throughout your fostering journey, you will have access to advise and support through the fostering community which allows you to learn as you go, too.

At the end of each fostering journey, you’re guaranteed to have a stronger sense of self as well as what’s happening in your local community.

You’ll also have improved skills in humanizing, empathizing, and understanding other people’s stories. This will give you a greater appreciation for own upbringing and the childhood you’ve created for your own children.

6. Build on Your Family Bonds

Every single fostering journey is a great opportunity to build on the bonds between you and your spouse and children. Each foster child that comes and goes from your home allows you to share in a positive experience and common goal.

Making the commitment as a family to care for another child means you have to work together for a positive outcome. This achievement only deepens your bond and closeness as a family unit.

Not only this, but you also get to build relationships with special people that can develop into lifelong friendships.

7. Become a Community Role Model for Positive Change

When you choose to become a foster parent, you choose to support your local community too. This means you are creating a positive change, and others could become inspired to do the same in your community.

On the whole, choosing to foster locally has a far-reaching impact. Not only does it positively impact the life of a vulnerable child, but it also supports the community you live in. This will make you a well-respected asset to your community and a driver for positive change.

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