Tips For Moving a Gun Safe Upstairs


It is a troublesome experience to move a gun safe into your home, particularly in case you’re bringing the gun safe upstairs. Moving a gun safe upstairs that is quite heavy as well, can be problematic for you.

In any case, when you choose to move your safe up to the second floor of your home, the steps get harder and risky. The most ideal decision is to call the expert movers to deal with it.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on movers and want to do it on your own, then keep reading the article as you will find some beneficial tips below.

Important Safety Tips

To be honest, moving a gun safe upstairs isn’t as simple a task as it may look like. It includes a lot of individual safety awareness.

  • To begin with, you need to figure out the whole area where you need to put the safe. If you haven’t even decided which safe to get, you can take a look at this post. You should call three more individuals to help you in carrying the gun safe. After that, wrap a ratchet strap around the safe and also bring the heave duty tripod dolly that can deal with such weight. Remember that it will be a risky activity, so be alarm and plan on the best way to move a gun safe upstairs safely.
  • Take the measurement of the safe and figure out its weight and cover the gun save with some thick cloth or blanket and then wrap the ratchet strap around the dolly tightly. Secure a substantial cart or hand truck that can deal with the heaviness of the gun safe. Before moving, make sure to remove all the contents of the gun safe and check if you can disconnect the safe’s door to reduce the weight as a lot of gun safe comes with de-attachable doors.
  •  Wear gloves for a better drip, and make sure to clean your way to avoid injuries and any damage to the safe. Also, know where the sharp turns, thin holes, and bumps so you can make the way while moving the dolly.
  • Now, place the tripod dolly under the gun safe and adjust its weight accordingly. Be very careful when pulling the safe at every step of the stairs. Keep the balance with a dolly to stay away from unexpected movements of safe. Hold the handle of the safe solidly to give you energy when pulling the safe if the safety tips over, let the safe fall into the ground. Make sure to plan your precautionary safety measures before moving any heavy safe.
  •  Most likely, moving a gun safe can be troublesome. Gun safes can weigh from 100lbs up to 1000lbs, so moving it can be precarious. Before you move a gun safe upstairs, remember the weight limit of your second floor. Moving a heavy gun safe can be very risky if you don’t take the rules seriously.

So, follow these tips, and you will end up moving your gun safe upstairs very easily too, without any material damages or individual harm. 
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