Launching a Career as a Massage Therapist-Be Prepared

Getting underway as a massage therapist

So, you’ve completed your required training, attained your professional qualification and now you’re ready to launch your career as a massage therapist. Becoming a qualified massage therapist opens up a whole host of opportunities and potential workplaces from a GP surgery or hospital to a spa or even setting up your own business. Launching-a-Career-as-a-Message-Therapist-Be-Prepared

Before you get started, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. No matter what path you decide to take in your career, there are certain things you need to do in order before giving your first professional massage. You may even be feeling a little nervous. 

Being prepared not only makes you feel ready and relaxed but will help your clients feel at ease too. Here are some of the considerations to make to help you prepare to get underway as a massage therapist.

Equipment and supplies

While it may seem obvious, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies available so you can give massages! A massage table and chair are necessary accessories. If you’re a mobile massage therapist, make sure you choose a portable massage table that can endure transport and be easily set up.

Don’t forget to stock up on massage oils, lotions, and creams that will aid you when massaging clients. Remember to pick scents that have calming aromas and offer clients a variety that they can choose from.

Sheets and pillows can be used to cover your massage table and make clients more comfortable. You’ll need plenty of towels to wipe excess oils and lotions once you’ve finished a massage. Towels can also be used by clients to cover up, in addition to robes which are another good supply to invest in.

Hygiene is also important so make sure to purchase sanitizing and cleaning products to keep equipment clean at all times.


As a massage therapist, your clients trust and rely on you so it is important to protect yourself, your property and equipment and your clients. Massage therapy involves risk, which could come from clients having an allergic reaction, clients suffering an injury or even property damage.

Massage therapist insurance is necessary protection from any legal claims, which not only cost money but could damage your reputation too. Companies such as Salon Gold offer insurance policies that you can tailor to your business practice, giving you peace of mind when beginning your career as a massage therapist.

Create the right environment

A massage is a very relaxing experience, and creating the right environment sets the right atmosphere for you and your client. Make sure the room is clean and warm, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

It’s also important to make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need, as mentioned above. A well-prepared room will make you feel prepared and relaxed, as well as letting your client know you’re ready.

If you are a mobile therapist, it can be more difficult to control your environment, but you still have options to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Playing soothing, peaceful relaxation music can help put clients in the right mindset to feel relaxed. Candles can also set the mood, but make sure to stick to neutral scents and colours.

Good record keeping

As a massage therapist, it’s good to stay organized. list good record keeping and good business mind as two of the top 10 qualities to have as a massage therapist. Remember to keep records of client safe to comply with GDPR, and to keep any business records up to date so they are easily managed.

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