Reasons to Book a Murder Mystery Experience

Are you up for a good mystery?

Perhaps you have heard of them, but wonder if you would enjoy booking one of those tours where you are put in the midst of solving a mystery. After all, how fun would it be to mix your group of friends with a bunch of strangers that you will have to work together with as a team? Train Mysteries

Before you make reservations for that next celebration, reunion or annual gathering, it is worth taking the time to read these three reasons that a mystery experience might be right for you. Found in all sorts of venues such as train ride shows Tampa Bay, you are sure to find the perfect stage for a lifetime of memories.

1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sure, we all love hanging out together on the beach, enjoying drinks poolside, living it up on a fishing charter or meeting at the favorite restaurant, but what about trying something different. When we put ourselves in new situations that we can share together, our senses are heightened and we connect in ways we could never imagine. By sticking to the same routine, how would ever know that your cousin was a wicked puzzle solver, your best friend from college is a bit of a sleuth and your brother has a knack for acting?

2. Rediscover Yourself

As you learn new things about your friends and family, you may find yourself shocked at the mad skills you possess as well. Mystery stories have always been an enjoyable genre for books, television and film, but now you get to be an active participant and draw upon all of that knowledge you have soaked up for years. You may enter as a skeptical amateur, but you are sure to leave feeling confident in your levels of detection and deduction.

3. Have A Lot of Fun

Of course, what you really want to do when you get the gang together is have a whole lot of fun, and booking a murder mystery tour is sure to promise more laughs and shocks than you have experienced in a long time. By immersing yourselves in a storyline created by the professionals, you are being asked to relax, sit back and release control. As adults, it is not often that we can just turn ourselves over to fantasy and imagination, but participating in these events allows us to do just that.

Place your other plans on hold and look at all the mystery tour options that you can do yourself, buy tickets to in your local area, or wherever you may be traveling. The gasps, giggles and escape will be well worth it.

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