Explore the World – Singapore Tourist Visa Guide

Explore-the-World-Singapore-Tourist-Visa-GuideAre you planning to visit Singapore as a tourist? You are about to unravel an island full of intriguing natural and man-made features, tranquil beaches, rich history, and cultural diversity. Singapore is also an interesting business hub, so you will enjoy buying a variety of items in world-class business centers and shopping malls. One last thing that you will enjoy is the incredible architecture of the entire city of Singapore and much more.

However, it is worth noting that the Lion City is very strict with immigration procedures. They are not willing to grant a visa to anyone who has not qualified for it. But on the other hand, this is one of the few states in the world that has a straightforward process for getting such documents.

Start the Process Early

Doing things at the last minute is not always the best thing. If you are planning to acquire a Singapore visa for you and your family, the process should start early. The good thing with this is that you will have enough time rectify any problems that may come up. One thing to remember is that the Singapore immigration department has the ultimate right to give or deny a visa to anyone if they have compelling reasons for that.

Online Application

Technology has been so much help to the world today. The Singapore immigration department has some services online so that people who are eligible can apply there. These include nationalities from states that are eligible for the Singapore e-visa, which can access them from any part of the world. But if you are from the visa-exempted countries, then there is no need to make the application. Others may need to use an authorized visa agent to help you in processing the Singapore tourist visa.

Seek the Help of an Agent

Singapore has several authorized agents that you can access from any part of the world. They are connected to the immigration department and already know all of the procedures that they are supposed to use to apply for the tourist visa.

So, if you are looking for the best Singapore visa services, these are the professional experts to use. They will guide you on how to fill out the forms and after that, they will deliver them to the immigration department together with all other documents that need to be attached.

Pay and Wait

Whether you use the Singapore e-visa platform or an agent, there is a processing fee of $30.00 SD. For those who are using the agents, this may go higher because they also include their consultation fee. Be prepared with all of the needed money so that things will go smoothly, especially when time is limited. As you will need to do is wait for a response from the immigration department.


Singapore tourist visas are easy to get and people will rarely be denied one. The state encourages tourism by making this process easy and straightforward. So, there is no need to panic because gross misconduct is usually the main reason why you can be denied the visa.
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Travel Series: How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Flight
10 Tips You Must Do Before Traveling
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Travel Series: How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Flight

Flying can be very stressful. There is a lot to think about and regulations over what you can pack have been tightened up in recent years, so packing a carry-on is a bit of a minefield. Then there is always the risk that your flight is canceled at the last minute for reasons outside of your control. Travel Series How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Flight-Feature

If this does happen to you and you booked tickets via United Airlines, you can claim United Airlines compensation. Sites like AirHelp walk you through the steps you need to take to claim compensation from airlines. Bookmark this one in case it happens to you!

Luckily, airlines try not to cancel or delay their flights, as it costs them too much money and creates a lot of knock-on effects. In most cases, missing a flight is mostly down to bad luck and poor organization on our part. To prevent the worst from happening to you, check out the following tips to help you make sure you don’t miss your next flight.

Have the Right Documents Ready

This may sound obvious, but there are always people who arrive at the check-in desk with their documents, only to discover that they left something important at home or their passport or ID is out of date or invalid. If you are catching an international flight, make sure you have at least six months left on your passport. Find out in advance whether you need a visa to travel. If you do, apply in good time. If the check-in staff find any issues with your paperwork, they will not let you fly.

Check the Flight Times and Terminal

Check and double-check your flight times so you are confident you haven’t got the wrong times or dates in your head. It is a good idea to download the airline’s app so that you are notified of any changes to departure times. This will help to avoid any last-minute panic attacks on the day of departure.

Check which terminal you are flying from. Being dropped at one terminal, only to find out that you are flying from a different terminal is not great, especially if the two terminals are miles apart and you are already late for your flight.

Plan Your Route to the Airport

Plan your route to the airport if you are driving there. Roads to the airport are often congested during peak times, so bear this in mind. Decide whether it would be easier to catch a train to the airport. Sometimes, trains drop you right at the terminal, so it can be easier and quicker to leave the car at home. If you do decide to drive, book airport parking in advance, so you are guaranteed a parking spot and there are no headaches upon arrival.

Be Ready to Go

Have your bags packed and all your documents in place so you are ready to leave on the day of departure. Do not leave your packing until the last minute, as that is the easiest way to forget something vital.

Set Your Alarm

Are you departing on an early morning flight? Don’t rely on your internal body clock to wake you up. Set at least two different alarms, one on your phone and the other a traditional wind-up alarm clock, just in case you sleep through one or it doesn’t work. Missing your flight because you slept in is not a valid excuse.

It is often easier to book a night in an airport hotel if you have an early morning flight. You can catch an extra hour in bed because it takes very little time to travel to the airport and an airport shuttle is often included in the cost of the room. However, make sure you set that alarm or ask for an early morning wakeup call!

Have a Contingency Plan

Always have a contingency plan in place in case something goes wrong. Examples include the car not starting or bad weather striking overnight. Try to plan for every eventuality. The more organized you are, the less stressful your trip will be.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Give yourself plenty of time to reach the airport so you are not rushing like a maniac. The gate usually closes around 30 minutes before a flight departs, so make sure you have time to get through check-in and airport security. There are times when it is exceptionally busy, and it can take more than 30 minutes to get through the security lines. The flight won’t wait for you if you are stuck in a queue.

Pay attention to the information boards when you are in the terminal. Keep an eye out for when your gate is announced. It would be embarrassing to miss your flight because you were too busy shopping in the duty-free area.

Lastly, don’t panic. Our brain shuts down when we panic, and we tend to make poor decisions. Don’t be that person!

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Safety Tips in Case of a Natural Hazard During Your Trip

Whether you enjoy exotic countries or not, or even unique places most of them are in certain areas where a natural disaster is at risk. In these cases, it’s highly recommended to thoroughly research the location you plan on visiting and make sure you are aware of any sort of threats or risk that may take place. Safety Tips in Case of a Natural Hazard During Your Trip

Naturally, we don’t associate trips with bad events, we prefer not to think about the bad things that can happen and only focus on the positive aspects. Well, natural hazards are an important aspect to consider, especially if the country is prone to such disasters.

In this following article, we’ll try to give examples of certain natural hazards and offer tips for safe travel, in order to make sure that your vacation won’t be unsuccessful 

Hurricane Safety Trips

This sort of natural hazard is more common in areas that are near the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. Also called a tropical cyclone is a storm that is characterized by really strong wind and a low-pressure center.

If a hurricane takes places while you’re on a trip, is highly recommended to stay indoors and away from the windows as much as possible. The best advice is to wait for the hurricane to end and then proceed to go outside. You shouldn’t leave the perimeter of your location at any cost, because the outside environment is much more dangerous during a hurricane. 

Earthquake Safety Trips

Earthquakes are pretty common, especially that most of them aren’t harmful and there’s a big chance you won’t even feel it. It’s important to know what to do in case of an earthquake because a wrong move can harm your health.

Make sure you stay indoors and don’t try to go outside by using the stairs or elevator because that can be deadly. Instead, crawl under a surface (a table) and wait until the earthquake is over. Make sure you avoid big pieces of furniture that may fall, or windows, that may break and harm you.  If the incident takes place while you’re outside, make sure you do the same (avoid things that may fall and try to find a table or similar surface you can crawl underneath)

Wildfire Safety Trips

In the past year, there have been multiple incidents where wildfire took place so it’s important to know what precautious methods you can follow in case this happens while you’re on a trip.

Make sure you watch the news (and that’s also recommended for all the natural hazards because you might get notified before the incident actually will take place in your area so you will have time to prepare or evacuate in order to make sure you’re safe). Close the windows to prevent the smoke from coming inside. It is very important not to inhale the fumes and to try to stay away from it as much as possible. If you see a fire is approaching and the authorities recommend evacuating the area, follow the instructions for your safety.

Overall, stay safe at all costs during your trips and read safety guides before deciding on a trip, to make sure whether the location you want to visit is at risk or is safe.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
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5 Ski Resorts That are Easy to Access from Geneva Airport

If you ever plan a ski trip check out the tips on Geneve as a great place to visit

Geneva is well known for being a place that is just perfect if you want to go and have a wonderful time skiing. It is a special place for people that have this passion or are really curious about how this experience might be. Geneva is located between Germany, France and Switzerland and it is a beautiful destination that everyone should visit at least once in their life, especially if they enjoy winter sports. 

5 Ski Resorts That are Easy to Access from Geneva Airport
Image: Alpine Answers

Nowadays, Geneva offers really cheap flights for people that are interested and they offer really easy access to the resorts directly from the airport. If you are interested in this subject, on how can you actually get to the resort from your airport, then this article is written just for you! If you thought it is a difficult process, you were wrong, because it’s way simpler than you imagined! Keep on reading this article to find really cool resorts that are close to the airport and that will make your trip much easier.

We will present a list with the 5 easiest ski resorts to access from the Airport.

  • Massif des Aravis (La Clusaz)

This place is really popular among tourists and it is only seventy kilometers away! It is one of the closest ski resorts and the easiest to access. It’s an area in France and it is suitable for every type of skier. For instance, if you’re a beginner, do not worry, because this place has a big range of slopes that would most definitely fit for every type of skier. It’s easier to get to this resort by getting a Geneva airport taxi, because you will not be bothered by driving there on your own. Moreover, it’s great when taking a taxi that you shouldn’t be worried about following a certain road that maybe your GPS is telling you and then get lost because your taxi driver will most definitely know the shortest way there.

  • Evasion Mont-Blanc

This is another close ski resort that might just be perfect for you! It has almost 400 kilometers of pistes that are spread on multiple resorts. Furthermore, as the other resort, this one is also popular among families and beginners and it is only 90 km away from the airport!

  • Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Lying at the bottom of Mont Blanc, this resort is another perfect area, being only 100 kilometers away, which is like an one hour drive from the airport. It is really easy to get there, especially if you do your research beforehand and look for best airport transfer companies in Geneva so that you would make sure that you get the best services and deals for you.

  • Les Portes du Soleil

This ski resort in France is one of the biggest areas worldwide, offering almost a 600 kilometers pistes. Moreover, you can get to the Swiss side by heli-skiing and also snowboard, if you are interested in this sport. This place it is only 1 and a half hour drive from the Geneva airport.

  • Gstaad

Even though this location might be a little bit pricey than the other ones, is more sophisticated and has a lot of activities for you and your family to enjoy. You can enjoy the 250 kilometers of pistes and it’s perfect for any type of sport you’re interested in. This resort is a two hour drive from the Geneva airport.

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