5 Picture-Perfect Islands for a Relaxing Florida Vacation

We have hectic lives, and there comes a time when we need a recharge. It’s vacation time, maybe for some personal rest and relaxation or a romantic getaway for two. Florida’s beautiful beaches and keys are a popular destination, but with a little more than 4,500 islands to choose from, that can appear a daunting choice. To give you a start, here are five picture-perfect islands that offer to relax, low-key vacations.

Merritt Island

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If relaxation for you means adventure, Merritt Island may be the perfect fit. Home of the NASA Space Center, Merritt Island has more than rockets. It’s located on Florida’s east coast and boasts a selection of activities. Whether you’d like to dream of and discover astronauts and space travel, enjoy a quiet getaway into the 140,000-acre Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, or try your hand at parasailing, this island will satisfy the adventurer in you.

Longboat Island

If a more low-key, elegant vibe describes your perfect getaway, Longboat Island will fit the bill. With fine dining such as the acclaimed French restaurant Maison Blanche, this scenic island is perfect to bring lovers together. Enjoy the day golfing, or lounge on its 12 miles of white sand beaches. Then, unwind with a stroll through St. Armand’s Circle.

Captiva Island

If enjoying the outdoors is how you unwind, Captiva Island might be the right call. Do some kayaking and paddle boarding before hitting the local scene for a cup of coffee, a browse through boutiques, and a slice of pie from Key Lime Bistro. Located near Fort Myers, Captiva Island offers an array of activities, including biking, sailing, and cruises to rekindle your romance or work off stress. For a quick adventure in the woods, Cayo Costa is just a boat ride away.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, Captiva’s sister island, offers a relaxing, fun atmosphere. Seashells abound along the sandy coast. If you’d like to know more about the shells you find, you can visit the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum where they also have live exhibits. After spending your morning on Sanibel Island shelling or hiking through the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, you can enjoy fresh seafood at the Sea Breeze Cafe.

Matlacha Island

If even quieter is better for you and yours, Matlacha Island could be your go-to destination. Located west of Fort Myers, Matlacha Island is a tiny, artsy town offering an array of galleries like Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens. Historic Pine Island is a short distance away and has a bike trail which stretches Pine Island’s length. After an easy day spent paddling the calm backwaters, biking, or hiking through Pine Island’s Calusa Heritage Trail, you can visit Matlacha Island’s Great Licks Ice Cream Shop to recount the day’s adventure and maybe plan tomorrow’s.

We all need a getaway from time to time to recharge from our hectic lives and reignite our romances. Visiting one of these picture-perfect islands in sunny Florida could be just what you need. Your relaxation awaits.
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The Top Four Destinations For A Romantic Holiday

If you have ever wanted a romantic holiday look into Italy Croatia France or Aruba

There is nothing better than jetting off for a romantic holiday with your partner. In addition to being a great way to escape your daily lives for a short while, a holiday with your partner is also a great way to strengthen your relationship, create many happy memories and experience new things together.

There are many wonderful destinations all around the globe to consider for a romantic holiday which can make it tricky to pick just one place. Where you go will depend on factors such as your budget, current destination and personal tastes, but here are a three of the best places to consider which should guarantee for a special and memorable experience for the two of you.

  • ItalyTravel Italy

There are few places in the world as romantic and idyllic as Italy. It is a country that is bursting with cool, cultural and stylish cities along with outstanding natural beauty in the countryside. This means that there is something for everyone and a romantic trip here could include both types of holiday. There are many places all around the country to consider, but perhaps the pick of the bunch is Venice – the floating city is unlike anywhere else in the world and somewhere that is a magnificent place to visit especially with that special someone in your life. It is also somewhere that may not be around forever, so it is a great one to tick off your list while you still can.

  • CroatiaTravel Croatia

The Jewel of the Adriatic, Croatia is a destination that is becoming increasingly more popular and it is easy to see why. It boasts a lovely Mediterranean climate, gorgeous beaches, stunning countryside and quaint towns which makes it feel almost as if you are stepping back through time. Holidays in Croatia is the perfect location for you and a loved one to hire out a beautiful villa. By doing so, the two of you can relish in privacy and not have to worry about other tourists. Great ways to stay busy in Croatia include chilling out on the beach, exploring nature and/or soaking up the culture in charming places like Dubrovnik – this is a popular place with Game of Thrones fans as one of the filming locations for Kings Landing too!

  • FranceTravel France

When you think of romantic places in the world, it is likely that France will be the first place to come to find, more specifically Paris. Paris really is the city of love and a great place for couples to explore together with a huge amount to see and do, but other areas of France are also incredibly romantic especially when you get out to the beautiful countryside. Leisurely exploring the small towns, cycling through the countryside, eating delicious food and drinking fine wine is a lovely way to spend your time in France and it is sure to bring the two of you closer together.


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Ready for your next Caribbean vacation? With amazing all-inclusive vacation packages, gorgeous white sand beaches are just a click away. Aruba, nicknamed The Happy Place, boasts temperate island breezes and incredibly welcoming locals. Book an all-inclusive resort or sail into town on a Caribbean cruise for the perfect vacation.

It is hard to choose the best place for a romantic vacation as there are so many terrific places to choose from. These are four of the best and all the places which will be a great choice if you want to experience new things, relax and create many happy memories with your partner. You are sure to return home feeling refreshed, happy and more in love than ever before.

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5 Reasons That You Must Visit Mykonos This Summer

Reasons That You Must Visit Mykonos This Summer

Mykonos is a famous summer destination for the whole world. Thousands of tourists visit the island every year to relax or to join the wild parties or to dive into the luxurious lifestyle Mykonos offers. Many of them will return again as they find here even more than they expected.Mykonos_Luxury_Villas

  Here are the top five reasons that will make you take the decision and visit Mykonos this summer.

  • The Destination that Celebrities Choose

Each summer, hundreds of celebrities visit the island for their vacations. You will see them walking on the narrow streets of Old Town among the crowds, taking their sunbath on a comfortable sunbed at one of the southern beaches or dancing next to you in one of Mykonos’ famous night clubs.

Celebrities love Mykonos because they can have high-level concierge services, they can meet their friends and other celebrities and they can retrieve to privacy whenever they want to. Locals and returning travelers are used to meeting celebrities and they treat them like all other people.

For their accommodation, celebrities usually choose one of the many Mykonos Luxury Villas that are available for rent.Luxury accommodation in Mykonos

  • Famous Restaurants on the beach – Scorpios, Nammos, Principote

Mykonos has many wonderful places to eat, from luxury, fine dining restaurants to more traditional taverns. Although the menu varies, the quality of food is excellent and the ingredients are fresh – especially the seafood dishes.

Eating next to the sea is a Greek tradition that is very well accepted by international visitors. You can find beach restaurants all over Greece, from the touristic islands to the mainland. The relaxing sound of the waves, the fresh air, and the beautiful surroundings ensure a pleasant meal.

In Mykonos eating by the sea can offer much more than this. As a luxury island, Mykonos has some very cozy, gourmet restaurants that look more like day resorts. Scorpios at Paraga Beach, Nammos at Psarou Beach and Principote on the north side of the island, at Panormos Beach are the most famous beach restaurants in Mykonos.Mykonos is a famous summer destination for the whole world

  • Cosmopolitan Restaurants – Nobu, Katrin, Hakkasan

International gourmet cuisine is another dominating trend at Mykonos. Here you can find a lot of tasteful dishes from faraway places like China, Japan, Peru or closer ones like France or Italy. Some of the best choices for international dining are:

Nobu, run by the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, located in Belvedere Hotel just outside Mykonos Town. The menu is mainly Japanese with some delicious additions from Peruvian and Southern America cuisine.

La Maison de Katrin is a boutique French restaurant in the center of Mykonos Town, near the Old Port. Guests can taste some of the best French dishes accompanied by a good French wine.

Hakkasan, or mostly known as Ling Ling, belongs to the well-known, homonymous chain of Chinese restaurants. It is situated at the heart of Mykonos Town and offers a great gourmet Asian menu in an exotic Cantonese atmosphere.Famous Restaurants on the beach

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

  • Party island

Maybe this was how you first heard about Mykonos. The island’s fame as a party destination, with sleepless nights and huge beach parties, is attracting thousands of tourists who want to join its intense nightlife.

The best places to experience this side of Mykonos are either the center of Mykonos Town or the four-party beaches at the southern shore of the island.

In Mykonos Town, you will find the big nightclubs with multiple levels, smaller clubs with indoor and outdoor tables and bars with different kinds of music.

At the southern beaches, the whole area becomes a dancing floor from sunset till dawn.Mykonos is a Party island

  • Most Luxurious Accommodation in Greece – Cavo Tagoo, Belvedere, Bill and Coo, Katoikies, Luxury Villas

Luxury accommodation in Mykonos is just unparalleled. Big five star hotels and resorts offer stylish rooms and suites and high-quality services. Some of the best hotels are Cavo Taggo near Mykonos Town, Belvedere at the center of the city, Bill and Coo at Megali Ammos and Katoikies at Agios Ioannis beach.

For guests who prefer more privacy and bigger spaces, the best option is to rent a Mykonos Villa. There are many wonderful ones on the island in different locations, capacity and prices.

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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