Mom’s Travel With Style – Ways To Be Stylish When Traveling With Family

Be Stylish While Traveling

Travel With Style – Ways To Be Stylish When Traveling With FamilyVictoria Beckham once said that the airport is her runway, and she has proven that she was serious with a series of incredible travel outfits that would take anyone’s breath away. Now, Victoria may have children who are all grown up, so she doesn’t have to worry about mom-friendly style on her journeys – she just has to worry about looking comfortably spectacular. Today, we are drawing inspiration from her look, but with a slight addition – the children, in order to help you navigate the waters and ensure that both you and your kids look impeccable and feel comfy while on the road.

Let’s start from the bottom 

Since it is winter, which means that relying on athleisure in terms of wearing stylish sneakers is out the window, we have to find another practical yet stylish alternative, and we have. There is absolutely no shoe chic and more comfortable than the mid-block-heel leather ankle boot. It will make you look polished and spectacular. The additional incentive is that they are incredibly comfortable and practical. You can walk miles in them, which you probably will as you go to the gate with your kids on your arms (or strollers), and tending to their pre and during-trip needs will be a complete breeze.

Take inspiration from the seventies

The seventies style is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever, and we all know what that means – amazing bell-bottoms. If you live somewhere chilly, you can exude your seventies vibes with a pair of stylish corduroy bell-bottoms. On the other hand, if it’s not that chilly, you can always rely on the ol’ faithful denim to look fabulous. These pants will give you a great deal of movement, they are incredibly flattering as they minimize the waist and elongate the legs, and they mesh perfectly with ankle boots. It’s a total winning combo.

Don’t forget the kids

Make sure that your kids are equally stylish and comfortable as you are

Of course, when the mom looks great, it’s only natural for the kids to look great as well. You want to make sure that your kids are equally stylish and comfortable as you are, which is why scouting for great kids’ boutique clothing online is your best course of action. You can find complete outfits that will match yours, such as cute little cozy cardigans, athleisure-inspired puffer jackets, and even comfy and stylish ripped denim, for both boys and girls. Your kids will be super cozy, which will give them little to complain about, and when you step into the airport, you will look like one ultra-stylish little family.

Back to mom

What goes great with bell-bottoms? Well, everything, but if you want to really make the perfect amalgamation of comfortable and stylish, a Breton top with a white shirt is a perfect choice. A Breton top has the power to make you look French-inspired effortlessly striking, not to mention that it’s incredibly comfortable and practical. However, if you’re traveling with a baby or a toddler (or both), chances of spit-ups and vomit are great, which is exactly why a backup sweater in your carryon or bag is essential. You don’t want to get off the plane not smelling or looking good, so like a boy scout – always be prepared. Your second best option is a nice dark grey crew-neck sweater that will look casually fabulous over your white shirt.

Don’t Forget The

Aside from a great coat – if it’s winter where you are (camel and grey are the most luxurious looking hues, so keep that in mind), a traveling mom needs one more thing – a great bag. Now, let’s call a spade a spade – diaper bags aren’t what one would call the epitome of style. However, there is a great replacement and it’s called a tote bag. Yes, a gorgeous nude or camel, or perhaps even simple black (to match the boots) tote is the perfect stylish answer. It’s always in style, as it has a timeless quality to it, it’s simple yet effective, and most importantly, it has plenty of room for all of your necessities, from wipes to baby bottles, changes of clothes for the kids in case of accidents – this bag can take whatever you throw at it. Best part, even when it’s completely full, it still looks amazing, so aside from a great big scarf, you don’t need anything else to be a stylish mom on the road.

Have a safe and stylish trip, dear moms.

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5 Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Exploring something new is always a dream of every post-adolescent. Embarking on a long journey to tour the world on a bicycle, or crossing the Atlantic ocean on a kayak are considered to be some of the most beautiful and challenging feats to remember forever. How about hiking the tallest mountain in the whole of Africa? 5 Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro might be the perfect destination for those itching to dip their toes into the world of high altitude hiking. Although there indeed is no rocket science involved, be warned, it’s no walk in the park. A robust set of legs, an above average practice regime, and superior fitness are excellent attributes that will help you make it to the top. With that said, here are five reasons to start climbing Kilimanjaro:

  1. It’s easy to climb

Of all the seven tallest summits in the world, Kilimanjaro is the easiest to hike. And with good reason: You do not need any special mountaineering gear or any climbing experience. The oldest person to make it to the top was 83 years, while the youngest was six years old. That is not to say it’s an easy feat. Dangers abound, and that includes acute mountain sickness and around ten deaths occur each year.

  1. Good infrastructure

There is excellent infrastructure surrounding the mountain. The Kilimanjaro airport has direct flights from Europe. There are good quality hotels and resorts, rental places you can obtain mountaineering gear, good transport, and other outfitters. Along the hiking routes, there are comfortable sleeping huts, with porters to set up tents and cooks to provide hot meals.

  1. It’s a natural wonder

Kilimanjaro is a natural wonder. You don’t only marvel at the snow caps, a thick forest surrounded by savannah, but also the large animal species that inhabit the game reserves.

  1. Mark of personal accomplishment

People hike Mount Kilimanjaro to mark an extraordinary achievement and transition:  A graduation, a retirement from employment, a marriage or even a divorce. The climb to the top is so significant that each year local newspapers are awash with accounts of locals who made it to the peak.

  1. For a worthy cause or charity

Some people climb Mount Kilimanjaro to draw attention to a charity event or other worthy causes:  for instance, raising money to cure some disease or bring attention to a condition such as leukaemia affecting school children in a rural Tanzania village. People with disabilities have climbed the mountain not only to prove a point but also demonstrate that with enough courage, a disability should not be a limitation.

There are many other great activities you can do in Tanzania after hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. Will you just be contented after you reach the top? Why not grab the chance and tour the nearest game reserves for a vacation? Make your climb memorable by adding a safari package to view the big 5 in the wilderness of Serengeti or Lake Manyara. Then end your adventure with a relaxing visit to Zanzibar where you’ll encounter pristine beaches and azure waters of the Indian Ocean.
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