7 Awesome Things to Do in Upstate New York

Be a World Traveler 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally (1)Did you know that over 240 million people from around the world traveled to New York in 2017?

Many of these people more than likely visited New York City, for all of the tourist attractions and culture, but there is much more to see in this state besides the “Big Apple”. 7 Awesome Things to Do in Upstate New York

Instead of being stuck in a large group of people wandering the streets or having to deal with expensive food and experiences, why not travel a bit more to the north.

Continue reading to discover where to go and fun things to do in upstate New York so that you can begin planning your next trip!

Where to Go and Things to Do in Upstate New York

Everyone is quite familiar with New York City, but understanding where upstate New York actually is, is more than likely, a good place to start.

Upstate New York holds the minority of the population in the state but it covers a large area. Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, and Rochester are some of the main cities in this part of New York. Long Island and New York City are not classified as upstate New York, however.

Local people consider everything north of the Bronx Zoo to be Upstate New York, but the border is constantly being debated.

Below are some of the best things to do in upstate New York that will seem completely opposite to what you may experience in the city.

1. Adventure in the Caves

If you enjoy exploring, the natural stone bridges and caves near Pottersville can provide an exciting experience.

There are many guided tours that go throughout the caves, but you can also do your own hiking around the many trails and waterfalls.

If you are taking a family trip, gemstone mining is available, along with a nice picnic and playground area for when everyone needs a break. Be sure to pack a camera and extra water when you visit the caves!

2. National Baseball Hall of Fame

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Cooperstown, NY.

This museum is an impressive 3 stories high and filled with an extensive history of baseball, along with more current items too.

The first floor is a learning center where the player plaques hang. The second floor is recommended to begin on because it covers the history of the sport. Furthermore, the top floor is for both old and new ballparks, making it a fun and educational stop!

3. Letchworth State Park

Those looking for beautiful scenery and a large area to explore should check out Letchworth State Park located in Castile, NY.

This park has 66 miles of trails, an abundance of waterfalls, and an amazing view. In fact, if you want to get the best view of the park, you can pay to go up in an air-balloon to see everything.

Along with miles of walking trails and hot air balloon rides, you can also go kayaking on the Genesee River for a relaxing and physical activity. Many people consider this park to be “The Grand Canyon of the East” because of the gorgeous cliffs and canyons.

4. Boldt Castle

Located in the Ten Thousand Island region of upstate New York is Boldt Castle.

From May until October each year, guests are able to visit, and they can only get to the castle by boat. The castle was built for George Boldt’s wife in 1900, and since then it has been restored and visited by many guests.

If you are looking for more information on the Boldt Castle, visit here to start planning your tour!

The Boldt Castle will make you feel as is you are taken back hundreds of years with its beautiful landscaping and decor.

5. Yaddo Gardens

The Yaddo Gardens may be in the same state as NYC but it is actually a very calm and peaceful place, unlike in the middle of Times Square.

These gardens are filled with many rose bushes and sculptures that will take you back hundreds of years. The estate is on 400 acres of land in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Walking around and enjoying nature will never be easier than when you visit the Yaddo Gardens. You will be overcome with peace and tranquility from the moment you walk in.

6. Whittaker Falls

If you enjoy looking at waterfalls but don’t want to deal with large crowds, like the ones in Niagra Falls, Whittaker Falls is an excellent place to travel to.

Located in Martinsburg, Whittaker Falls is a perfect stop that you can camp at to stargaze, roast marshmallows, and get away from the technology-driven world that we live in.

With the convenience of being able to camp, Whittaker Falls gives you the perfect opportunity to fish and get a daily dose of nature.

7. Lockwood Lavender Farm

Those who don’t have terrible allergies should consider traveling to Skaneateles, NY, to visit the Lockwood Lavender Farm.

This farm is an impressive 120 acres filled with fragrant and vivid purple flowers, called lavender. Along with all of the rows of lavender, you can also see goats and sheep roaming the land.

Nowhere to Travel but North

Finding things to do in upstate New York that are enjoyable and relaxing is quite easy with the help of nature.

Upstate New York is filled with many beautiful parks with areas to kayak, hike, and camp. There are waterfalls located all over the state that are sure to take your breath away, and you are still within hours (or minutes) of the city.

Utilizing the list above can help you successfully prepare for your next trip up north in New York and keep you from missing out on impressive views of nature.

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Be a World Traveler: 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally

Be a World Traveler 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally

Flying internationally can be frightening, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Most people ask themselves, am I in the right place? Do I have the right amount of money on me? Is this the real cost of things?

If you’re a nervous traveler, you can probably relate.

But fear no more, here are seven top tips to help you enjoy a smoother traveling experience.

1. Is Your Passport in Check?

Arguably, one of the most important things you should make you sure you have organized before flying internationally is your passport. It goes without saying that if you haven’t sorted out your visa and passport, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

You must make sure that you have applied for your passport well in advance of even booking your flight, especially if you’ve never had one.

Once you reach the point of no return, it is difficult to cancel a flight. For first-time passport users, it is highly likely that it can take a while to get all the details and paperwork sorted out, so start the process well in advance.

Also, be sure to count the costs. In the US, the price of a single passport application is $115 for under 16’s and $145 for any age above this bracket.

This is the standard price, but depending on whether you need it expedited, it can increase considerably, so the moral of the story is GET IT EARLY!

Another tip that may help you go a long way when concerned with your passport is making sure that you have made copies of it. Have digital references in case you need it at hand quickly.

It’s not just for flying, as it is not uncommon to need it for hotels and other necessities abroad.

2. Do You Need a Visa?

So many people have arrived at the check-in desk of the airport, assuming that a ticket and a passport will suffice to enter certain countries. Big mistake!

You cannot travel anywhere internationally without even checking whether or not you need a visa. All countries have different rules!

Paying for a visa is not insignificant. That document shows your right to be in a particular country. There are some countries like the U.S. and certain Latin American and European countries that allow you to obtain a visa on arrival.

However, some will not let you even check into the flight without it. What a waste of cash!

3. Pack Well

There is nothing worse than flying internationally, arriving overseas and finding out that there was some luggage mix up, or your luggage didn’t come. This is why it is useful to pack smart!

Don’t just fill your hand-luggage with junk food and snacks but fill it with things that you can use in the event of an emergency—an extra pair of clothes and underwear etc.

Another issue that is common when it comes to packing is obeying the airline’s weight restrictions.

If you know that you like to pack a lot, pay for the excess luggage in advance, or buy some scales and weigh them at home before arriving in the airport to fight the lady at the desk.

4. Money. Money. Money.

It’s very important to be monetarily prepared before embarking on your overseas journey.

It is always sensible to check the foreign currency in advance and the conversion rate too, so you don’t get ripped off all the time.

Additionally, a lot of banks block credit cards due to suspected fraud, so make them aware before you fly internationally and can’t use your card.

Always carry a sufficient amount of the local currency on you. You never know if they’re going to take card everywhere you go. You may end up stranded with no money if this is this case.

5. Don’t Get Sick

Health services in each country dramatically differ. Do you need certain vaccinations before you travel?

It is likely that if you are going to or coming from certain tropical countries, you are required to have vaccinations, and evidence of them too!

Also, medical insurance is probably something to consider if you are someone who takes regular trips to the doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

6. Can You Use Your Phone?

It almost sounds silly that people don’t check. However, a lot of people travel abroad, feeling like they can use their phones as they would in their home country.

It’s always a nasty surprise when they come back to a whopping phone bill. You need to double-check that your data roaming setting is not switched on on your cell phone.

If it is not switched off, you could be racking up some serious charges.

7. Sort out Your Electronics

This is arguably the least essential tip when flying internationally as it can quickly be resolved; nonetheless, it’s still vital.

Be sure to check you’re well equipped in terms of chargers and electrical devices, as some of these things can differ from country to country. Also, be sure to pick up some adaptors for the country that you are traveling to, as different regions have different plug sockets.

Flying Internationally: A Word to the Wise

Considering all the things above is only a necessity if you want flying internationally to be a walk in the park. Otherwise, disobey these rules, and it’ll be a catastrophe.

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Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Traveling can be fun but not if you become sick, prepare before traveling abroad by getting necessary vaccinations

The holidays are here, and most families have plans to go to various destinations. It is, therefore, reasonable to contemplate healthy traveling together with your family months before travel. It is good to take precaution to avoid any health problems. It is also important to ponder the following before going on any trips.

Travel Health

Do not be foolish and assume that you are immune to any disease on a vacation trip. A visit to your doctor will educate you on which injections are necessary before the vacation. To get a proper health travel cover, visiting the doctor months prior is needed to create time for getting all injections.

Including a First Aid Kit

It is wise to have a first aid kit for general emergencies, and to ensure you can maintain standard travel health. Let the first aid kit have painkillers, a bandage, anti-histamine, laxatives, Aloe Vera for burns and some oral rehydration salts to help recover from vomiting.


When traveling to tropical countries where mosquitoes are prevalent, taking anti-malarial before taking a trip will prevent you from any infections caused by mosquitoes. Anti-malaria will avoid the severe attack of malaria in case one is infected. Alternatively, you can carry a personal mosquito net, since they are easy to take, use and install. Insect repellent comes in handy, but the smell is considered awful by many.

Vaccination and Traveller’s Diarrhoea

Vaccinations are the safest ways to consider when following a travel health guide. Depending on which continent one is visiting. There are prescribed vaccines for particular places. However, common vaccines are Traveller’s Diarrhoea, Yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B and Cholera. Just recently the Travelers rotavirus diarrhoea vaccine started to be given. Hence most time when travelers ate local food like on desert and Africa safaris, they would treat with antibiotics they have in their first aid kit.

Jet Lag Meds

It is good to prepare for jet lag by having the medication at hand. Especially if you are traveling to a different continent. As much as it can be controlled, first-time travelers are unable to sustain the jet lag beat. Although jet lag meds are offered like melatonin supplements, this natural hormone assists your body to conform to the jet lag. Alternative remedies are, sleeping on the plane, avoiding alcoholic drinks and also taking a walk for fresh air.

Safe Sex

In consideration to the female traveler, it is better when you maintain birth control and a safe health regime when traveling. Since most people are known to be experimental while on travel, safe sex is encouraged especially for single people. Most people contact sexually transmitted diseases while on trips as various study shows. Hence it is important to always carry a condom despite the gender.

Differences in Health Care Abroad

At least some people fall ill when traveling abroad. The challenge, however, is not knowing where to access quality health care resources. Due to the unfamiliarity of the area and insurance covers not being accepted causes a lot of anxiousness. Sometimes the care provided abroad is not of a higher level as they would prefer. Hence, they are unsure whether to make informed decisions in regard to the services. Careful planning before travel is, therefore, necessary to avoid these claims.


A healthy traveler has more fun than a sick one. Hence the trip should have careful planning whether it’s for business, adventure or a family vacation. The above recommendations will ensure you stay healthy while traveling abroad.

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