Why Are Trucks Dangerous on the Roadway?

Why-Are-Trucks-Dangerous-on-the-RoadwayMassive commercial trucks deliver us the goods that keep our economy afloat. From toys to food, commercial trucking is a booming industry that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. You don’t have to analyze the profits of these significant trucking companies to realize this fact. 

If you’ve driven on any roadway in America, you’ve seen countless semi-trucks that were in transit with their goods. The nature of the trucking industry isn’t sinister at a glance. However, the vehicles that are integral to this industry aren’t exactly the safest vehicles on the road. Giant eight-wheeler trucks are naturally more dangerous than other forms of transportation. 

When you’re the victim of a truck driver’s negligence, you’ll need the help of a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer. The following are ways that trucker negligence contributes to the dangerous nature of eighteen-wheeler trucks. 

Semi-Trucks Are Massive by Nature

You’ll have a difficult time finding a large size class of vehicles while on the roadway. The sheer size of the standard semi-truck intimidates many drivers that share the same road. Semi-trucks obscure your visibility and can make any driver nervous at high speeds. One wrong action caused by the semi-truck driver can land you in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 

Eighteen-wheeler trucks are also prone to causing massive multi-car pile-ups. There’s only a slim chance that you’ll avoid running to a semi-truck that topples over on the roadway. One collision has the potential to spark multiple crashes, and the body count could skyrocket depending on the situation.

Once a semi-truck loses control, regaining control of it is nearly impossible because of its size. Unlike sports cars that can turn on a dime, semi-trucks require finesse and experience to steer them properly. There’s a reason why anyone cannot become a truck driver. 

Truck drivers must pass a test that ensures they’re capable of handling these dangerous vehicles, and even someone with years of experience can’t always save a runaway truck. 

Causes of Truck Accidents

Of course, negligence itself factors into many truck accidents. Drivers who are driving on less than two hours of sleep are prone to causing accidents. Some truckers also attempt to sneak in a meal while driving, and one spill of coffee can cause a devastating crash on the highway. 

Cell Phone use and many of the other usual suspects are also responsible for many truck accidents. Irresponsible truck maintenance also factors into many truck accidents that occur on the roadway. Some trucking companies refuse to maintain their vehicles and send old trucks onto

the highway. Whenever these trucks breakdown in the middle of the road, their size causes accidents that are extremely difficult to avoid. Many of these disastrous decisions have the intent of saving the company money and increase profits in the long run. 

As usual, corporate greed factors into many choices within the trucking industry, and it’s the everyday citizens such as yourself, who pay dearly for these actions. Of course, you have options whenever you’re in a truck accident that was the result of negligence. Always reach out to a truck accident attorney for a fair shot at compensation for your pain and suffering.
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