Ways to Lower the Electric Bill

Ways to Lower the Electric BillGoing green can be an overwhelming concept, so starting small is never a bad idea. One place to cut down on overall waste is in the home. A benefit of reducing usage is that the electric bill becomes lower, too. Check out these easy ways to lower an electric bill, and remember to consult an expert for major inquiries or electrical repairs Chattanooga.

Heat and Cooling

The biggest way to cut down on energy is in the heating and cooling system in the home or apartment. In the colder months, make sure that there are a few drafts in the house as possible so that it is easier to maintain a warm temperature. A regulated thermostat can also help to keep a steady temperature. Conversely, in the warmer months, there are ways to cut back on cooling appliances that require quite a bit of energy. Try a little flexibility on the preferred temperature — even five degrees can make a difference. Wearing looser clothing can often help offset summer heat. Consider a smaller fan in the spring and late fall before turning on a full cooling system. When it comes to apartments, particularly if an older apartment only has window units instead of central air, keeping these units off when not in the home will help lower the bill significantly.

Water Temperature

Interestingly, even in a building or complex where water is covered, certain appliances have higher energy outputs when it comes to water temperature. Running appliances like the dishwasher or laundry units on cold water will help save quite a bit. Along the same vein, taking shorter showers will help decrease the amount of hot water usage. This will, in turn, decrease the electric bill. Make sure that appliances are running smoothly because damaged appliances will sometimes overcompensate and end up exerting more energy than necessary to get the job done.


Of course, at the end of the day, all-electric usage comes down to power. One hack that isn’t widely spread revolves around fully unplugging cords on items that aren’t used very often. Sometimes, even when an item is not being used, it will still be draining power from an outlet. Unplugging something as simple as a phone charger can make a difference. Using dimmer switches will also help to not use more power than necessary because a lighting fixture will use less energy when not set to full brightness. Newer and greener light bulbs will help create the same effect. With all of these tips combined, the electric bill is sure to decrease.
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