Gift Ideas That Are Out of This World How About a Star?

A Gift From The Sky

If you are stuck for a special gift idea, but you know the intended recipient has more than a passing interest in the workings of the universe or is just a huge science fiction fan, why not reach out beyond the planet and get them a gift that is quite literally out of this world? Gifts that have their origins in a galaxy far, far away are more available than you might think and there are options to suit every possible budget. A GIft From The Sky

A fragment of meteorite

A meteorite is a chunk of space rock or metal that most commonly started out as a part of a comet or asteroid, before passing through the earth’s atmosphere and reaching the surface of our planet. Many such items burn up before they reach the surface and are known as shooting stars. The oldest meteorites are thought to be around 4.5 billion years old.

Meteorite fragments occasionally turn up at high-profile auctions, such as the one organized by Christie’s in May 2017 which saw several rare, naturally sculpted metallic meteorites change hands for thousands of dollars. However, if you prefer your pricing to be a little more down to earth, you can also buy a set of authentic fragments direct from NASA is specially mounted gift packs for the bargain price of $35 a time. Additionally, you may even come across one in your day-to-day life.

A star in the sky

If you want someone special in your life to know you are always thinking of them, have a star named in their honor. When you buy a star, you are buying a gift that will truly last a lifetime. The recipient will be able to view their star from any location on the planet all through the year. You also have the option of choosing a star that forms part of zodiac constellation, reflecting the recipient’s birth date and making their star even easier to find.  Make your purchase through an official site such as Star Registration, and you’ll receive a certificate confirming the name and location of your chosen star.

A piece of the moon

Between 1969 and 1972, almost 400 kilos of moon rock were brought back to earth over the course of the six Apollo missions. Many of these samples have subsequently been lost, and although you can find a number of sites claiming to sell genuine moon rock online, US law states that all such items are the property of the government and cannot be owned by individuals.

However, if you are still keen to get your hands on something with a lunar connection, all is not lost. Not all meteorites come from outer space – some have their origins a little closer to home having started out as part of the moon. You can legally purchase pendants containing tiny amounts of dust particles that are released when such meteorites are sliced open in order to be studied. Similar meteorites originating from Mars also occasionally land on earth, meaning tiny fragments of Martian rock are also available.

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