Across International Vacuum Oven: 5 Top Benefits You Should Know About

An-applicance-that-can-preserve-delicate-extractsDo you want to improve your laboratory’s productivity? You’ll need an oven that functions as it’s supposed to so that you can do good work.

Below, you’ll see what makes AI vacuum ovens different from other drying appliances. And how you can use the machine for many industrial or laboratory purposes. Let’s dive in.

Vacuum Oven Drying

The vacuum drying concept is easy. Brilliant engineers use a simple physics procedure to ensure the process works. So, that machine’s design allows for constant air introduction and removal while heating. And that technique serves two purposes. The appliance will clear out water vapor as soon as it forms and sustains the vacuum.

You need a pump to maintain the vacuum conditions. That device infuses dry inert gases such as helium, argon, or neon. Thus, you’ll also never encounter surface oxidation reactions. And you’ll maintain pristine quality in all your samples.

Benefits of the Across International Vacuum Oven

Fast and Gentle

You’ll dry items fast. How? The oven creates a high temperature and low-pressure condition. And in that environment, the appliance can preserve delicate extracts. Examples are terpenes, alkaloids, and cannabinoids if you want to produce a highly potent, pure cannabis yield.

Other fragile items you can dry include; glass equipment, complex electronic parts, circuit boards, phones, watches, etc.

The vacuum oven also maintains consistent surface temperatures. Hence, you won’t degrade any samples in case of out-of-range temperature. A PID monitor provides that effect. And the best part is that the device detects heat change and reverts the warmth to normal.

Accurate Procedures

Vacuum control slows down the start of a pump-down process. That characteristic then prevents the pump from purging your sample load. So, you’ll maintain your high precision standards, which you can repeat on other procedures.

Save on Energy Costs

The Across International Vacuum Oven will help you save on the electricity bill. Engineers equip the machine with a 3” insulation to prevent heat emission. That design also shields external temperature from interfering with the vacuum heat.

The stainless steel interior, vent valves, and internal tubing allow a faster connection. And those features also promote a longer vacuum hold-time (up to 10 times). Additionally, you’ll control the heat and vacuum accurately for better results.

Durable and User-friendly

Developers make most of the machine’s metal parts with steel. That material is rust-free and corrosion-resistant. Also, you’ll clean and maintain the oven easily.

The appliance is easy to operate. And for your safety, you get a ½” dual-layered glass window to monitor samples during procedures. Also, that property ensures your protection in the event of an explosion.


The manufacturer’s priority is safety. So, you’ll find an over temp protection feature that acts as a failsafe to shut down the oven due to extreme heat. What’s more, you’ll get a temperature alarm that alerts you in those situations. Nonetheless, never leave your oven unattended.

What Can You Do with 250°C?

The Across International Vacuum Oven gives you versatility for many procedures. Excellent examples include degassing, drying, or purging extracts. Below you’ll see an in-depth look at some applications.

Drying Extracts

Large-scale oil and cannabis manufacturers remove volatile solvents using the machine. Moreover, the appliance allows for selective solvent removal. That benefit is possible because of the different boiling points of each liquid you’ve used.

The machine is safer to use when purging highly flammable solvents. You’ll thus prevent catastrophic laboratory or industrial fire accidents.

Drying Electronic Products

A vacuum oven is an invaluable tool in drying moisture-laden electronics. That appliance also doesn’t short circuit those devices when heating. Electronic companies thus use the oven to cure the coatings of print circuit boards. So, you’ll prevent the warping of the plastic that manufacturers use to make those items by using the machine.

Testing Aerospace Equipment

The Across International Vacuum Oven acts as a simulation for the harsh vacuum environment in space. Astronomers thus gauge how their appliances will perform after a launch. Hence, space travel becomes safer due to a reduced risk of electric shortages and fires.

Sterilizing Medical Equipment

Undisinfected surgical appliances may cause fatal complications in the human body. You don’t want those adverse effects. So, hospitals use vacuum drying to kill any pathogens. Examples of devices you can sterilize are pacemakers, artificial heart valves, or joint capsules. The oven also removes those contaminants without altering the equipment’s function.


The oven is a product of 25 years of experience in technological perfection. You’ll thus heat your samples fast and gently and save on energy costs. Also, all your procedures will be accurate due to the unmatched temperature uniformity.

You’ll use the appliance in many industrial procedures. Examples are degassing extracts, testing aerospace equipment, drying electronics, or sterilizing medical apparatus. Improve your lab’s efficiency with the Across International Vacuum Oven now!

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