5 Tips On Planning a Special Event in Southern California

5 Tips to Finding a Beautiful Event Venue in Southern California

If you’ve seen Bride Wars, then you would understand how big of a deal it is to finding the best venue to make your event a success. It requires a lot of research, patience and the right network of people to match your client needs with the perfect venue. You also have to make a lot of decisions about the event venue that you choose. This includes catering options, entertainment, decorations and so on. However, the search does not have to be stressful. To serve as a guide, consider using these five helpful tips to finding beautiful Southern California event venues

  1.    Attendees and Guest List

The event space should be catered to the type of occasion and the guest list. Take note of how many people will attend the event so you can properly select the right venue that will accommodate the size. It is also advisable to find out how many are children or adult attendees and if there are allergies or other food preferences.

  1.    Location

Once you have gathered information about the attendees, you can start scoping out different locations that can cater to the event. It can be at hotels, resorts, multi-purpose halls or even someone house. You have to think about what type of atmosphere the venue is trying to emulate. For instance, a house with a pool might be a great venue for a 16-year old birthday party while a 15th-century hotel can be the perfect place to host a golden anniversary dinner. Is the place accessible? When you search for the location, think about the route options that guests can take to reach the place.

  1.    Services and Amenities Offered

Does the venue offer valet parking? Are there kitchen facilities that can be used to store food and wine? These are some of the basic services and amenities that a great event venue should have. If you have a VIP guest list, then you should look for a space that provides security and even transportation. Some event venues offer to decorate in terms of themes while others include catering, audio-visual services and lighting to make it more convenient for their clients.

  1.    Layout

The layout is an important criterion when looking for an event space. It doesn’t matter if the place is huge if the layout is not ideal for socializing. If the occasion is going to happen in the evening, try the visit and inspect the venues at night as well. This will give you an opportunity to really assess the atmosphere of the space and the surrounding area whether it will be noisy or too dark.

  1.    How Much it will Cost

The cost renting the venue for the whole event may not be on top of your priority however, it is still highly recommended to have a budget so you won’t get overboard. You need to realize that you are not just spending money on the venue. There are more expenses such as food, entertainment, and decorations. So, it’s always better to have a budget on hand.

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