Prepping the Perfect Spring Wedding – 6 Tips & Tricks to Get It Absolutely Right

In temperate climes, spring is a time for renewal, restoration — and weddings. The very term “wedding season” is practically synonymous with spring and early summer.

Statistically speaking, there’s a good chance you’re planning your own nuptials — or your daughter’s or sibling’s or close friend’s, if you’re so inclined — for “wedding season.” Unfortunately, that you’re choosing to tie the knot at the most popular (and, arguably, best) time of year to do so has no bearing on the complexity of the planning process. You still need to put in a great deal of work, perhaps more than you’re expecting, to ensure that things go off without a hitch.Prepping the Perfect Spring Wedding - 6 Tips & Tricks to Get It Absolutely Right

Start with these six tips and tricks for a successful spring wedding.

  1. Rock the Spring Bouquet

Spring weddings demand spring bouquets, plain and simple. The precise definition of “spring bouquet” varies by custom, region, and month (or even week); speak with a florist to get a sense of your options. If you need ideas, check out these spring wedding flower bouquets from Brides Magazine.

  1. Choose a Durable Wedding Band That Draws Plenty of Second Looks (But Doesn’t Steal the Show)

The last thing you want is for the groom to steal the show. But you also don’t want them feeling left out. According to the experts at Larson Jewelers, a durable, stylish wedding band is a great way to accentuate the groom’s outfit without calling too much attention to that side of the altar.

  1. Consider a Second Signature Accessory for Your Partner

Why stop at the wedding band? Your partner deserves to have a little more fun. Consider a second signature accessory, such as a wristwatch (either a hand-me-down heirloom or one purchased specially for the occasion) or pocket square, that gets your guests talking.

  1. Opt for Seasonal Fare

Seasonal fare is rarely inappropriate, even if it’s not always possible. But spring is a great time to sample the local bounty: fresh fish, leafy greens, cellared root vegetables, and so on. The sky’s the limit here, as long as your caterer’s creative juices can accommodate

  1. Keep Drinks on the Refreshing Side

As spring wears on and temperatures rise, make sure your cocktail and mocktail menus keep pace. Familiarize yourself with some of the top spring cocktail recipes for easy drinking; be sure to have refreshing non-cocktail options, like spritzers and light beer, on hand for those who prefer something else.

  1. Get Creative (and In-Season) With Your Favors

Last, but not least: opt for in-season wedding favors that celebrate spring’s potential for renewal and regeneration. Seed wedding favors are ever-popular, particularly for early spring weddings.

Make the Most of Every Moment

On the big day, you’ll want to make the absolute most of every moment — whether you’re the one reciting the vows under the arbor, or you’re merely tearing up in the front row.

This is a given, but it’s unfortunately not sufficient. You’ll need to make the most of the planning process as well, no matter how big your head start. Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking; even well-organized planners risk buckling under the pressure.

Just remember: all the stress inherent in planning to tie the knot is a mere prelude to the joyous day itself. Keep your eye on the prize.
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How to Choose a Bridal Gown That Flatters Your Curvaceous Body

Tips For Choosing a Bridal Gown

Plus size or not, it is important for a bride to find a wedding dress that will flatter her body and make her the queen for the day. In most cases however, plus size brides find shopping for a wedding gown one of the most frustrating tasks. But who said that you have to have sleepless nights because you cannot find the dress of your dreams? This post is meant to help the beautiful and curvaceous woman find the perfect dress for her big day. How to Choose a Bridal Gown That Flatters Your Curvaceous Body

If truth be told, with the right attitude and of course the right company by your side, shopping for a bridal gown will be enjoyable, effortless and pleasant for you. So as the bride to be, it is time to ignore the mentality that curvaceous bridal gowns are hard to find and use the following tips to your advantage:

Go for sleeves – Although strapless dresses are trending right now, it is best for a curvaceous bride to go for a gown with sleeves. Covering up more is a good thing for most curvaceous women out there because it gives them confidence and a surety that no one will be weirdly staring at their arms.

Try a fitting gown – Being curvaceous is something that you should be proud of. Do not be afraid of letting people see your curves as they are an asset to you. So, the fact that you are plus size doesn’t mean that you have to wear a gown that is too big or unflattering. A gown that fits you well and flows with the curves on your body would be a magnificent choice for you as you say your vows.

Find the right fabric – Wedding gowns are made from different fabrics. To mention but a few, some of the most popular wedding gown fabrics are lace, satin, chiffon, Charme use and the list goes on and on. That said, the best fabric for plus size brides is one that has some weight to it. This is because in as much as the gown should flatter your curves, the fabric should not oddly cling on to your body.

Go for comfort – Your wedding is the biggest and the most important day of your life. Nothing should come between you and your happiness on that day; not even your dress. So, when choosing your wedding gown, do not compromise on comfort just to please your eyes. Find something that is attractive to look at but also that you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, have a set budget – In most cases, brides to be go beyond their budgets, especially when it comes to choosing their dresses. It is important for you to feel and look your best on your wedding day but it also important for you to stick to your budget because buying a wedding gown and paying for an entire wedding will strain your finances a bit.

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