Wedding planning – Crucial Mistakes a Wedding Planner Should Avoid

Nobody wants their wedding to go wrong! It’s a day when two people celebrate their love and togetherness for a lifetime. Everything from the wedding decor to the reception needs to be correct. Not all wedding planners have what it takes to plan the perfect wedding. For this, you need professionals who’ve had training in advanced wedding planning. These trained wedding planners would know why certain mistakes are dangerous. They avoid making such mistakes. Wedding planning – Crucial Mistakes a Wedding Planner Should Avoid

If you are an aspiring wedding planner, you need to know the mistakes to avert. There are plenty! We have discussed below the important ones.

  1. Planning and executing a wedding plan without making a budget plan

A wedding planner should never take money matters lightly. Hence, it is crucial to set a program within a realistic budget. It is essential for avoiding any extra costs and hidden expenses. When you don’t have a budget list, you start to spend endlessly. When a wedding planner has no budget, then there’s no account of the catering cost, decoration expenses, wedding aisle decoration cost and the like. Today, most couples want a memorable wedding within an affordable budget. Therefore, setting a budget is crucial.

  1. When you don’t have a rain plan for specific wedding themes

Theme weddings have become the order of the day! From the castle, vintage to barn wedding, every couple has a favourite wedding theme that they want to set for their wedding. Some couples prefer an outdoor wedding theme, such as beach wedding, meadow or a garden style wedding. Trouble happens when the weather condition doesn’t comply with the plan. Since a downpour will completely ruin the marriage and its theme, it’s a smart call to chalk out a rain plan already. This alternative plan is not something that looks like a stop-gap arrangement. A wedding planner with advanced wedding planning course training will be able to pull this off, keeping to the allocated budget.

  1. Not hiring a videographer doesn’t equal to savings

It’s natural for couples to have their budget for their wedding. But what is disappointing, is having to regret not spending on an activity that they should have. One such factor is hiring a videographer. People often feel by not hiring a videographer they can save a lot. That’s far from the truth. Most couples regret at times for not having a videographer to record the moment and overspending on cutlery or a wedding cake. An ace wedding planner will be able to address this to you.

  1. Sending “save the dates” text without checking with the wedding planner

Sometimes, a delay in the preferred wedding dates happens due to many reasons. Probably, there was no hall vacancy, or the card didn’t get printed at the correct time. Also, the wedding dress might take more time to be customized. So always check with your wedding planner before impulsively sending wedding dates and later apologizing for the wrong dates posted.

The job of an expert wedding planner is to keep his/her client updated on every minute changes and updates that take place. Sometimes, a wedding planner needs to use specific contacts to get a task done ahead of time or within budget. It is where an advanced wedding planning learning course is essential.
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