5 Perfect Engagement Gift’s

5 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Just Got EngagedWedding season is coming up! If you’re not the one getting married, you definitely have a bestie on her way to the aisle. Treating your best friend to a special engagement gift is not mandatory, but definitely is a nice way to kick off the wedding festivities. Remember, this does not have to be something pricey or elaborate but can just be a special sentimental something that celebrates her new journey with her future husband. These engagement gifts can help you and your best friend get through the chaotic wedding planning process:

  1. Bridal Subscription Box – A bridal subscription box is a great way to get the wedding planning process started. There are many kinds of bridal boxes from those that are just general bridal subscription boxes to those that are targeted for brides trying to get into shape before their big day. You can get her a box just for one month, or many of these subscriptions have great deals for 3-month or longer subscriptions. They really are a great way to get the bride-to-be anything and everything they might need for their wedding.
  2. Monogrammed Bridal Robe – Every bride needs as many different ways to make them feel special for their big day. Nothing says luxury like a customized monogram robe for your big day. Getting your bestie a silky monogrammed bridal robe can show how special and perfect you want her wedding to be. They are great for prep time before the bride puts on her wedding dress. So, it is a great personalized gift that is also very practical, and she will definitely get a lot of use out of it on her big day. There are many great online sites that you can get this done such as Etsy. Gifting a friend with something special to celebrate not just her engagement but your friendship as well is the perfect start to the journey to wedding.
  3. Birthstone Jewelry – Another great personalized engagement gift to get your best friend for her wedding day is jewelry that corresponds to her birthday. Birthstone jewelry is a great personalized gift to get someone. Many of the birthstones also are symbols of love such peridot for August and diamond for April. You can choose a necklace or ring that is only their birthstone or use the birthstone as an accent. This could be a great way to show your support for best friend and something she can cherish the rest of her life.
  4. Ring Cleaning Kit – A great practical gift to get your newly engaged best friend is a ring cleaning kit. Make sure her ring always sparkles by purchasing a kit that includes a cleaner, polisher, and small brush for cleaning. There are even jewelry wipes that make cleaning even easier.
  5. Spa Day – Treating your best friend for a spa day can be the savior to her bridal chaos. Getting a relaxing day at the spa is definitely always on a bride’s to-do list but might not always be possible because of time and money. However, with your help, your bestie can get a well-deserved pampering day. There are many spas that do specials for brides. You can even get a package for the two of you can share and have some quality bestie time before the big day.

Wedding planning can truly be a great way for two best friends to bond even more. There will be no doubt moments when your best friend will need you to be her stress reliever during the wedding planning process. Gifting her with something special to celebrate not just her engagement but your friendship as well as the perfect start to the journey to the wedding.
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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography is a crucial part of any wedding event. Couples should never underestimate the importance of capturing the memories of this monumental, fleeting episode of their lives. Most people depend on their photography-savvy relatives and this can sometimes lead to unsatisfactory results. Hiring an experienced and talented professional is one of the best ways of getting a visually stunning and consistent narrative account of your big day. 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Years of experience

With years of experience under his/her sleeves, an expert wedding photographer will seize every emotion, feeling, and moment at the right time with a single click. They know the best moments that must be captured in your wedding photos. A seasoned photographer will out his/her work in a defined manner and will have lots of ideas to reconstruct and deliver. You will never be disappointed with the work of a professional.

Technically advanced photography equipment

The best thing about working with a photographer is the fact that they will use highly reputed and advanced equipment. This means that you do not have to worry about the picture quality of flow of their work. The lighting, camera lenses, brand and quality of camera will be topnotch and everything will be taken care of by the professional. A photographer will ensure that you have high-quality pictures and they will expertly capture all the details through the lenses.

Timely delivery

With affordable wedding photography Houston residents trust, you will be assured of your work being delivered on time. With their experience in the wedding industry, they understand the anticipation and amount of excitement that the couple has about their wedding photos. Everyone will appreciate on-time project delivery and excellent time management skills when hiring a wedding photographer. No couple wants to keep following their photographer for months in order to get their wedding pictures.

Assist with the wedding-day timeline

An experienced photographer has worked on different weddings and they will know how long it will take for the pictures. For instance, they will know the length of time to spend on first-look photos or family photos. If you are having your photos taken in different locations, they will consider the travel time and the time spent in each location. They will also know the time to get to your house and the time that everyone should be ready depending on the time your ceremony begins. If you are stressing over your wedding timelines, you can ask your photographer for help.

You only have this one chance

This is your wedding day and it is one of the most special days of your life. You only have one chance to capture your wedding day in photos. Therefore, you must ensure that you have confidence and trust in your photographer. When your big day is over, you will only have the memories, videos, and photos to treasure and show your friends, family, and even grandchildren. Make sure you have these positive memories to remind you of your wedding and not just regrets wishing you would have spent more or hired a professional.

Hiring a professional photographer is important for your big day and you are also assured of long-lasting memories and images. If you are on a budget, you should try and cut corners in other areas such as your cake, decorations, and others instead of your photography. After a week, all the cake, decorations, and everything else will be gone. Years after the wedding, you will have wonderful photos that tell a beautiful story with amazing memories that you will cherish forever.



Wedding Woes? 3 Tips that Make Wedding Planning Easier!

3 Tips that Make Wedding Planning Easier!

 Congratulations! You’re engaged to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! You’re overjoyed with love and happiness until you remember you have a wedding to plan.

At first, you’re excited. You get to plan a big party celebrating everlasting love. However, if you’re like most individuals, you become overwhelmed with venue details, color patterns, flower arrangements, food, and the list goes on and on. In fact, more than 96% of individuals admit wedding planning is extremely stressful.

If you’re feeling stressed and worn out planning the “best day of your life,” try following these three simple tips:

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Did you know that the average wedding costs $28,386.00? This number only increases every year. Before you even consider a venue, dress, or even the invitations, set a budget and STICK TO IT. Knowing your budget will help you plan how much money you want to spend in certain areas and prevent financial stress. Are planning on spending $5,000 on your dress? Maybe you should DIY your centerpieces. This will help you will prevent exceeding your funds.

Go to Bridal Expos and Buy Wedding Planner Booklets

Attend bridal expos! It’s a lot of fun. These shows also give you ideas for your big day. At a Bridal Expo, you’ll have opportunities to win an all expense paid honeymoon, wedding dress, and so much more. You’re also given the chance to purchase wedding planner “planners.” These booklets help keep your wedding planning organized, with different sections dedicated to seating arrangements, invitations, venue, bridesmaids, and other important aspects of the wedding.

Remember Why…

Wedding planning is stressful and there isn’t much you can do about it. When you find yourself worrying about throwing the ideal wedding, remember why you’re doing it. Your wedding is a celebration of your union with the love of your life. There is nothing more perfect or beautiful than that.

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Having a Military Wedding on a Budget

There are ways to plan a military wedding on a budget

Every young couple has issues to cope with when it comes time to prepare their wedding on a limited budget.

If the bride or the groom is in the military, there are additional challenges. These unions are steeped in tradition and are moving and touching.

But, before you begin your life together as a military family, there are some important issues to consider.

A Military Wedding On A BudgetPhoto Credit

Your financial health

Everything you do has consequences. The consequences of being a member of the military and accruing debt you cannot pay can damage your military career. The government can and will pull a soldier’s credit report if they are seeking a job in the armed forces where they need security clearance.

If the report is bad and you have debt that is not being paid properly, the security clearance will be revoked. It gets worse. Having debt that they cannot pay entitles the government to reclassify them involuntary or discharge them from the service. Most soldiers who have reached a level where they need security clearance will choose discharge over being dropped down to the level of a cook.

Your financial healthPhoto Source

Having a great wedding on a limited budget

In some ways having a military budget-wedding is easier. A bride and groom can have a civil service or take advantage of the military chapel. Formal dress uniforms are highly regarded and save the couple money renting a tux.

You will need to check with the Chaplain to get a copy of what is and is not allowed. For example, nothing can be added to the military uniform. That includes boutonnieres.

Taking advantage of the Saber Arch gives you the unique wedding that you dream of, and saves on decorations as the arch takes center stage. You can easily add this best rustic chalkboard for a garden wedding theme.

Wedding colors should complement the military uniform. Choose a bouquet that brings out the accent colors of the uniform. Red roses are a good match. Bridesmaids dresses in red, blue, tan, or olive are also a good choice.

Formal or casual seating?

If you are going to have a sit-down reception, you need to know the protocol. High ranking members of the military must be given seating of honor, together. Lower ranking military personnel can be given the choice of sitting at their own table or sitting with friends and family.

Formal or Casual SeatingPhoto Source


In many cases the time for the bride and groom is limited. They may opt to have an afternoon wedding and simply serve pastry and punch. They may choose a traditional wedding cake. However, consider this. The cake is the most expensive option. It takes time to dispose of the leftover cake and there is a substantial amount of clean up.

A candy buffet is a good choice. It is less expensive. Very trendy and beautiful, and by buying bulk candy online, the candy is delivered right to the bride or groom. Leftovers are placed in treat bags and sent home with the guests. Clean up is not a problem.

Another choice is a cookie or donut bar. These are very popular and make a nice display.  However, if they are not consumed immediately, they are not fresh after the event.

Incorporating your love for country and support of the United States military is an honored tradition. It costs less than traditional weddings, and the rules that are in place ensure an elegant affair. There is no better way to show your commitment to your partner and your country than a military wedding.
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