Why You Should Garden with Perennial Flowers  

 Why-you-should-plant-perennial-flowersAre you looking to add a curb appeal to your landscape? This is possible if you garden with perennials as they do not need a lot of extra care and maintenance. If you have ever tried annuals and you need to shift to something that lasts longer, perennial flower plants are the go-to for you. Whether it is just perennials or a mix of perennials and annuals, all these are possible. Also, the perennials are a favorite type of garden plant for most gardeners due to the many benefits they have in the garden space. Below are some of the reasons why you should garden with perennial flowers.

 Create an ever-changing tapestry of color

Although the perennials have short bloom seasons, the beauty of them is that their blooms are more defined. Hence, there are many types of perennials that you can plant. Thus to create an ever-changing tapestry of color, choose different varieties of perennials. For instance, irises make for long-lasting color and will contribute to the visual effect needed. Also, you can blend your perennials to achieve various colors in different seasons, such as you can have some herbaceous perennials to add to the normal ones. This will make designing your garden area fun, and at the same time, it helps you personalize your space. Therefore, if you plan correctly you can have various perennials for their various benefits.

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Every garden can have a perennial

Every gardener can find perfect perennials for their garden. As long as they narrow down the list with what will do well in their yard and what will not do as well. There is a great range of perennials that you can choose from according to the conditions in your yard. For instance, there are drought-tolerant perennials, shade loving types, among others. Thus, according to how you plan your garden landscape, you can choose the ones that favor you the most. Choose the perfect perennial for your yard, and with the necessary care and maintenance, it will not disappoint.

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They are a great investment 

 Perennial flowers come back every year and they grow bigger and better. Therefore, they are a great investment as you do not have to go back and start planting again. As you pay for them once, for many years, and in other cases, you get decades of beauty from them. Also, as the perennial flowers grow the advantage comes from dividing them as it gives you more plants to use in your garden freely, trade, or share with friends and neighbors. For this reason, you can easily find low-cost perennials at mass merchandisers, a local neighborhood plant sale, or local garden centers.

They are useful plants

 Not only do perennial flowers have beautiful blooms, but they have food and medicinal uses as well. For instance, you can plant chives for their tasty flavor or purple blooms. Optionally, others that are similar to chives are mints, lemon balm, oregano, among others. Therefore, with perennials, you can try to plant various types that have a purpose and you get the double benefit of these flowers. Gardeners also love bee balms as they are used for teas and immune boosters like purple coneflowers. Add these flowers in your vegetable or flower garden. Then, you will be surrounded with flower plants that have a dual purpose to use as the need arises for the health support for your whole family. Consult with your local florist of the perennial flowers that have dual benefits to get more of them in your garden, and you can read further through articles that discuss perennial vegetables.

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They tolerate the weather

Perennial flowers are not affected by different seasons as they withstand the weather changes and come back season after season. This shows that they have a lot of practice on how to get the perfect timing with the change of weather at hand. For instance, if you are located in a very cold climate, there is no need to worry whether perennials will come up too early and get affected by the cold temperatures. Unlike other plants that need to grow and mature before the onset of the cold season. Where necessary plant drought-resistant perennial flower plants so that they can always complete their season even with a limited water source.

They are pollinator-friendly flowers

Flowers are necessary to ensure that bees and other pollinators help balance the ecosystem. Many issues like colony collapse arise due to the lack of flowers to aid in pollination. Therefore, perennial flowers are beneficial as they bloom various times in their season and help provide extra food for the hives. For this reason, having a flower garden that has many perennials will encourage many pollinators to visit. Observing when they bloom will help you know how to plant various perennials from early bloomers like crocuses to the late bloomers. To have a progression of blooms to help with food sources for pollinators. Through this, you will not only attract bees but other pollinators like butterflies and other useful insects as well.

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You can sell them 

If perennials have enough light and moisture, they will not only come back year after year but they also spread. Also, thin them out every few years and you can plant the extra plants for more color. Alternatively, if you feel you have enough of the specific varieties you can offer to sell them and make some extra money.

In conclusion, the above reasons show why it is necessary to garden with perennial flowers. Although it is fun choosing the perennials to plant for various reasons. It may be a challenge on how to organize them on your landscape to cater for various purposes. Get familiar with the factors necessary and consult a professional gardener to guide you on the right perennial flowers. Also, the perennial flower plants will improve your soil structure as the root systems remain in the soil for many years. Although perennials do not last forever, you can try planting them in your garden for the many benefits they offer.
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