Delayed Injuries after a New York Car Accident

Delayed-Injuries-after-a-Car-AccidentWhen you’re involved in a New York car accident, you may feel completely fine right after the accident. You may accept that as a simple good luck and move on. However, you may later begin feeling ill, pained, and otherwise unlike you did before. 

You may have suffered a delayed injury, and if you don’t consider that before you head to court, it could affect your claim. If you’re concerned about getting compensated completely for your losses, understanding your delayed injury and acting now may be key to your financial recovery. Reach out for guidance or check out the following tips below to act on your claim. 

What Is a Delayed Injury? 

First, knowing what’s so important about a delayed injury is key. Delayed injuries can do some damage to your claim because you may not even realize you have one at the time you file. For example, you may have felt fine after your accident, but now, you can barely turn your head without neck pain. Injuries like whiplash may be unnoticeable for weeks before you feel them. 

This delayed response can sometimes be deadly. For example, some injuries may be internal, and you may not feel them until it’s too late to prevent severe damage. If you were in a serious crash, you may need to head to the hospital before you talk to a car accident lawyer in New York City or decide that you’re fine. 

Proving Your Injuries Are Accident-Related

If you wait to go to the hospital, the liable party may use that against you. They may claim you weren’t injured that badly, since you waited to act, or they may claim you couldn’t have been injured in the car crash. 

In these cases, you’ll need to gather evidence not just that you were injured but that you were hurt in a car accident. Often, that means getting an expert witness, like a doctor, to show the court that you were injured in the crash and how your injuries are connected to that crash. 

Compensation for a Delayed Injury

Once you have the evidence you need for your claim, you’ll also need an idea of the amount of compensation you’re seeking for your claim. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’ll need to seek both financial and nonfinancial losses following your accident, also called damages. 

After a car accident, you may be due compensation for the following losses and others because of your delayed injury:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Household accommodations, like wheelchair ramps
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Connect with a New York Car Crash Lawyer after Your Injuries

When you’re overwhelmed by a delayed injury, you may need help dealing with your losses and seeking compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, delayed injuries may complicated things—you may not realize just how badly you’re hurt until some time has passed. 

That’s why getting help now, not later, is key. Even if you feel fine, seek out a lawyer as soon as possible when you’re involved in a car accident. 
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