What To Leave Behind On Moving Day


We all love a clean and clean house, but for most of us, clutter just creeps back in despite our efforts to be ruthless to it. If you’re getting ready to move to a new home, cast an eye over your possessions. There are plenty of things you should leave behind when you move. You will make it easier for long distance moving companies to do their job while at the same time reducing your moving expenses.

Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Owner’s Manuals

Certain appliances, like ranges, microwaves, fridges, and hot water systems aren’t likely to be moving with you. Make sure you leave their owner’s manuals behind so it’s easier for new residents to look after and use the appliances and schedule services.

  1. Leftover Paint

Do you have a few tins of leftover paint from the last time you renovated? There’s no need to take them with you. New homeowners are sure to appreciate having the correct colours on hand if they need to touch up scuffs and scratches after moving in. Leave the tins in a spot that’s cool enough and where they’ll easily be found.

  1. Curtains

Whenever you move out of a home, leave your curtains on the windows. New owners are sure to be grateful for the curtains, which were probably made to fit those windows anyway.

  1. Light Fixtures

New home buyers expect light fixtures and other attached objects to remain on the property. If you want to take a particular light fixture with you when you move, let the estate agent know before you sign the sales contract. Once that’s clarified with your agent, you can then seek help from cheap removalists Gold Coast homeowners hire. It’s also courtesy to replace the fixture with another one. You should also leave any spare light bulbs behind so new owners aren’t quite literally left in the dark.

  1. House Plants

Unless you’re only moving a short distance, rather find new homes for your plants. Moving vans don’t offer the best moving conditions for house plants, plus there are the stop-and-go movements and lack of water that will only harm them. You could leave your plants behind or gift them to someone.

  1. In-ground Features

Anything that is secured to the ground is part of the property and not a personal possession. That means it should stay in your home once it’s sold. This includes things like fire pits, post boxes, yard lights and birdhouses. If there’s something you really want to take with you, be sure to list it as an exclusion in your sales contract.

  1. Warranties

If you recently renovated or remodeled, the new materials will still have transferrable warranties in effect once your property is sold. Leave the paperwork for things like appliances, windows, and siding on the kitchen counter where the new owners will find it.

  1. Hardwired Alarm Systems

You can take portable wireless alarm systems with you when you move, including Wi-Fi enabled cameras. But any hardwired alarms that connect to the property’s electrical system must remain behind. If you’re connected to a security company that monitors the system, let them and the new owners know about your move.

Tick these 8 things off the list when you’re getting ready to move, and your whole move is sure to be just a little easier!

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