CoolSculpting Offers an Affordable Way to Lose Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting helps reduce signs of troublesome belly fat and love handles.With the obesity epidemic on the rise in Canada, many people try to avoid building up any extra fat, so they don’t become just another statistic. However, as people age, dropping fat becomes increasingly difficult, and many individuals notice they can’t lose weight even when they try.

While diet and exercise seem familiar when it comes to losing weight, many people still find they have trouble getting rid of fat pockets. And that helps explain why CoolSculpting, a new way to get rid of stubborn fat, is rising in popularity.

CoolSculpting Your Body

CoolSculpting works as a fat freezing technology. It effectively gets rid of some of the most troubling fatty areas on the body that some people can’t lose with diet and exercise.

When the technology first came out a decade ago, it interested people because CoolSculpting helps reduce signs of troublesome belly fat and love handles. While liposuction helps with similar issues, CoolSculpting offers several benefits over liposuction.

Liposuction is far more invasive than CoolSculpting and requires time off work, a risk most people don’t want to take. CoolSculpting, however, requires no downtime and is a far more comfortable procedure. CoolSculpting targets fat cells and freeze them. Once those fat cells die off with CoolSculpting, they don’t come back.

Because CoolSculpting ensures that those stubborn pockets of fat don’t return, many people have tried it to improve the look and feel of their bodies.

So, where does that fat go once CoolSculpting kills off the stubborn fat cells? Once a person receives CoolSculpting treatment, his or her lymphatic system flushes out the excess. After two to three weeks, people start noticing a difference.

CoolSculpting is not only safe, but it’s also relatively affordable. Treatment on one part of the body costs about $600 in California, making it a cheap treatment.

Since CoolSculpting’s approval to treat love handles about ten years ago, the safe procedure later received approval to treat other parts of the body. Those parts include the abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, bra rolls, bra fat, and arms.

CoolSculpting also recently received approval from the FDA to treat double chins.

CoolSculpting Your Chin

While complaining about those hard-to-remove love handles is a common issue for those that diet and exercise, another very troubling area for many is their double chins. Double chins are one of the most often complained about problems for people that mention they don’t like certain aspects of their physical appearances.

CoolSculpting helps reduce the appearance of the double chin. It also helps tighten the skin in a person’s face, making that individual appear years younger.

A double chin is notoriously hard to lose, mostly because of the factors that created the double chin. Double chins happen because of age, obesity, and lifestyle, but sometimes, a person winds up with a double chin because of genetics. And if genetics is the reason for a person’s double chin, then that person won’t be able to diet that double chin away.

CoolSculpting, however, can successfully treat a double chin and significantly help a person’s appearance. The fat-freezing technology behind CoolSculpting is now approved to help remove excess neck fat and double chins. Just like all other forms of CoolSculpting, using CoolSculpting on a double chin is relatively easy and non-invasive. There’s nothing painful about the process, and people notice impressive results about two to three weeks after receiving the procedure.

Double chins can create self-esteem issues for those people that hear themselves teased often about them. The damage to a person’s self-confidence can be harmful to that person’s sense of self-esteem. For some individuals, it becomes increasingly more difficult to even look at their reflections in the mirror on a daily basis if they can’t stand their double chins.

When people lose their definition in the lower parts of their face, they can appear older and unhealthy, which isn’t necessarily the truth about what’s going on inside of their bodies. And luckily, now CoolSculpting can remove the problem for a small amount of money that most people can afford.

When the CoolSculpting process removes fat cells on a person’s chin, the entire treatment takes about an hour. Gel pads go on the person’s face to help protect the surface of the skin, and the CoolSculpting procedure occurs on top of those pads. The CoolSculpting crystallizes lipids, causing fat cells to die. The body later digests those fat cells and flushes them out. CoolSculpting is much safer than other forms of surgery to remove fat, and the entire procedure takes about an hour to complete.

CoolSculpting offers a much safer alternative to removing fat than other surgeries we’ve seen in the past, like liposuction. Patients finish their treatments quickly and can resume normal activities the same day.
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