Have a Safe Trip: 10 Essential Tips for Women Travelling Abroad

Have a Safe Trip 10 Essential Tips for Women Travelling AbroadMishaps on your vacation can really ruin a trip. Keep reading to discover how women can have a safe trip and still have tons of fun.

Planning to take your next trip abroad? Are you traveling alone or with friends? If you’re unsure about how you can stay safe and secure on an international trip, read on.
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Sometimes vigilance isn’t enough to have a safe trip. Advanced planning and research always guarantee a better out-of-the-country experience.

Below, we’ve got 10 safety tips for women who are preparing to travel abroad.

  1. Bring Only What You Need

If it’s your first time preparing for a trip abroad, you’re likely to pack too much. You may not even use half the things you think you need. Bringing too many things could slow you down or result in loss/theft.

Pack less so your bags aren’t as many or heavy. If you can afford to buy something in a local grocery or a convenience store, buy them in your destination instead. Don’t forget to always bring a water bottle with you!

  1. Develop Acquaintance with Locals and Staff

If you’re going to visit Mykonos or Boracay for the summer, acquaint yourself with the hotel staff. They will likely know the place well. You’ll have an easier time asking for directions, cheap places to eat, or exciting activities to do in the area.

This is helpful when you’re on a trip alone. Let them know how long you’ll stay and be kind to them. You never know, they could save your life.

  1. Pick up New Words

When you visit a foreign country, you have to know at least some basic phrases in the local language. Pleasantries like “hello”, “thank you”, and “please” will improve your travel experience. Directional phrases and phrases for emergencies are great tools for the lone traveler too.

If you can’t communicate what you want to say, don’t get frustrated. Use your phone, hand gestures, handy phrase books, or Google translate. Don’t worry about sounding foolish; most locals get that you don’t speak the language and are not fluent with it.

  1. Watch What You Consume

Are you allergic to seafood? It may be better for you to look up restaurants that offer non-seafood dishes before you travel. Better yet, plan a hike abroad instead of a beach outing.

For example, the Galapagos Islands hold a mixture of Spanish and American culture. Expect an assortment of Latin, American, and Ecuadorian dishes. Remember, it’s always wise to look up more information before traveling.

If strangers offer you food without being open about how they made it, you’d better decline. The same goes for drinking. For girls who travel alone, it is very important you know your limits when it comes to alcohol.

  1. Keep Your Mind Open

Keep in mind that people in other places have different traditions, cultural beliefs, and social norms. Stay creative and open-minded.

In your travels, you will encounter people from all walks of life and cultures of all kinds. You can’t judge lifestyles of others because they are different from yours. If there are religious beliefs or opinions you don’t agree with, listen and try to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

  1. Read about the Culture

When you plan a trip to a new place, you often know where you’re heading and what you’re going to do. Sometimes, the culture of the place puts you off-guard. Not everything a tourism company advertises reflects the reality of the place.

This is why you have to do your own research on history, religion, and customs. It doesn’t have to be extensive. Read travel guidebooks written by local authors as they would know the culture best.

  1. Always Have Emergency Money On Hand

Travel safely by stashing cash in different places. Insert a couple hundred in a pair of unused socks or in an eyeglass case. Put a couple hundred more in a secret pocket in your suitcase.

When an unpredictable natural hazard occurs during your trip, use your emergency money to pay for an extra night in your hotel. In case your wallet gets stolen or an ATM doesn’t work, you’ll know where to find emergency money.  Still, it’s much better to be vigilant. What To Do To Avoid Losing Your Wallet

  1. Secure Yourself with Travel Insurance

More people are thinking to take trips abroad. Thus, travel insurance for international trips is booming. The reason why 9 in 10 people get insurance is to get their money back in case of any trip cancelations.

Travel insurance also covers illnesses, injuries, or theft. Find out what the insurance will cover before you buy it. A good travel insurance company should be able to address your emergencies while you’re on your trip.

  1. Have a Safe Trip by Blending In

There are people who manipulate and exploit tourists. Don’t put a big, red target on yourself. Stay safe by not bringing attention to yourself.

Before your trip, look up how people dress in your destination and pack similar clothes. Try to stay confident, even when you’re lost. If you have to look at a map, don’t do it where people can see that you’re trying to find your way around.

  1. Keep Friends and Loved Ones Posted

One of the most important tips for flying alone is to let someone know where and how you are.  Make regular check-ins with a close friend or family member. Let them know about your accommodations, flight numbers, and next destinations.

By staying in touch with loved ones, you’re letting them know you’re safe. Let them know when you will contact them next. This way, when they don’t hear from you, they can help with the searches and investigations.

Enjoy Your Out-of-Country Trips Safely

You should always be alert and vigilant. Observe your surroundings and do your best to read the people you encounter. These safety tips go without saying.

Those are our 10 tips for you to have a safe trip. We hope you found the read informative and helpful. Now you can enjoy your travel abroad and still stay safe during the trip.

Don’t stop here though. We’ve got other important tips for you to check.

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