Finding Out The Reasons Behind Your Dog And Their Unusual Panting

Finding-Out-The-Reasons-Behind-Your-Dog-And-Their-Unusual-PantingI love dogs, always have, all sizes, shapes, colors it doesn’t matter, their little faces melt my heart. My son has this same passion and asks anyone we see on the street with a dog if he can touch or stroke them, let’s just say we have to leave the house a half an hour earlier for this specific reason, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The love and adoration we receive from dogs are endless, they love unconditionally and without judgment and if we could all take a page out of their books the world would be a much better place.

See some of their cutie faces here and let them brighten your day because they make us feel good no matter the type of day we’ve had.

We have never had a dog ourselves in our family dynamics, hopefully soon once our house is being finished built, but we have always been surrounded by friends and family with pets and dogs and my children grew up with them, which we loved.

Caring for your pet.

People may think it is as simple as giving your pet or dog food and water and all will be well, but it is so much more than that.

Taking on the responsibility of another life, whether as a child or your furry family member, we need to do it the best to our abilities. We have made the decision to be their primary caregiver, and care we must give.

Dogs have no verbal way of communicating with us in a way we can understand immediately, they may be barking or whining and these may be serious, but it can also indicate a need for a much-wanted cuddle, we just need to be aware.

You could have the best nutritional plan in place with all organic food ingredients, see some great doggy biscuit recipes here, or a fitness program stuck on the fridge that the kids must follow to ensure he gets enough exercise and fresh air.

But if something is not quite right being on top of it is key to ensuring it doesn’t get worse.

 Caring-for-your-petSymptoms to be aware of in your dog.

When a dog has eaten something they aren’t supposed to you can see and hear them choking or regurgitating to try to get the foreign object out, but when there is an underlying issue it may not be that quick and easy to spot.

For instance, coming back from a 2-hour walk up the mountain will make anyone exhausted, especially me and my unfit body, and as fit as dogs are they too get tired and cool themselves down by panting.

Hosing them down is a great way to cool off and seeing them shake their fur in a cascade of water is every photographer’s dream.

If, however, the walk was in the morning and it is now evening and everyone is settling in for the night on the couch in front of the TV and your dog is still panting as if he went on a marathon without telling you, it needs to raise a red flag in your home and you should contact your vet immediately.

While out on the walk he could have ingested a toxic substance which could be poisonous and now effecting his breathing, the day may just have taken it out of him and he has heatstroke, still not something we should take lightly.

He may be suffering from cardiac issues that were triggered by the long day, or an underlying respiratory illness that has now come to light, either way or reason you need to get them to the doctors.

If you are unsure of what symptoms your pet is showing, browse this link for a guide into what to look for, indicators, and how best to handle the situation you are in. Each scenario can be different, the main objective is to remain calm. Being prepared is the best way to overcome a hurdle, and if they sense you are confident in recovery they will mentally be too.

Nobody wants to see any person or animal suffer, knowledge is power, and knowing more than you need to is never a waste.

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