3 Steps to Start Writing a Novel

3 Steps to Start Writing a Novel
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Is your dream to become a well-known novelist? Have you always wanted to write novels that would be part of the high school curriculum one day? Well, you’ll be happy to know that it is not impossible. All you have to do is take a step and write your first novel. You don’t need to be afraid, even the top novelists on MyPaperWriter were newbies who didn’t know how to proceed at one point. With consistency and determination, you can become a published author. Keep reading to find out more.

Become A Published Author In 3 Steps

  1. Find Your Passion Genre

The word novel is used to describe several types of books, which in turn fall into the same category known as genre. You need to determine which genre you’re interested in. Some novels fall into the literary category, and others in the commercial category. Novels that fall into the literary category are timeless classical novels. The settings, themes, and everything else about the novel is deep and complex. When you’re writing a literary novel, your major focus is to tell a story in the deepest way possible using all the complex literary vices available. Your major focus here isn’t to generate profit or keep the audience entertained. If you want to write novels in the commercial category, your goal would be to keep the audience entertained from the beginning to the end. You’ll write whatever it takes to sell multiple copies. You’re not going to focus too much on literary vices. Then again, some writers always combine features of commercial novels with literary ones, thus creating a timeless piece. To understand more about how these categories are supposed to be written, read as many books as you can in each category.

  1. Mind How You Create Your Characters

One thing all novels have in common is characterization. There are protagonists, antagonists, and other characters in every novel. Each character plays a significant role in the story. Even the characters that are minor should not be overlooked. You need to pay attention to every character in your book. Keep in mind that a novel can have more than one protagonist. No rule says your writing should be centered around one person. You can have several protagonists and give each one a unique story within your book. Also, there is a common misconception that your protagonist has to be good, kind, and lovable. That isn’t a requirement. Your protagonist can be pure evil if you want. Just make sure that their role brings the entire story together in a way that the readers can relate to. Keep your characters intrigued. After all, not every public figure in real-life is loved by everyone. The antagonists should also be given critical roles that involve interaction with the protagonists. To come up with the best storyline, think of your characters as real people who you know personally. Even if you’re writing fiction, seeing your characters as individuals with personalities will help you draft a compelling storyline that keeps the readers engaged. Remember that character development is key.

  1. Stay Inspired

Without inspiration, you’ll give up after your introduction or after the first chapter. That is why you have to think of places and things that keep you inspired and motivated to write. While you may devote a specific time of the day to writing, keep in mind that inspiration for content can come at any time. You can use an app like Evernote to put these points down as soon as you’re inspired assuming you don’t have your laptop around at the time. Whenever you’re having writer’s block, break your routine and try something new. Visit the park, the train station, the museum, etc. Just go somewhere different and observe your environment. If you still can’t get inspired, stop writing for a week and try again. Travel to another state or country and keep an open mind along the way. You can also get inspired by going through childhood photos and remembering things from your past. Talk to your parents, friends, and other loved ones about the challenges you’re facing and see if they can help.

Bottom Line

Writing a novel doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you’re patient enough to see it through. If you’re having difficulty starting from scratch, you can ask a professional writer for help. Some writers can take your ideas and turn it into a novel while others will give you a jumpstart and allow you to finish. There are still some writers that will take what you’ve written and make it look like it was done by a professional. Getting a writing coach or a freelance writer doesn’t mean that you’re not a good writer. It only shows that you acknowledge when you need help.

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A Guide for Students to Earn Money From Home

A Guide for Students to Earn Money From Home

College fees can be heavy on the pocket for any students. In such a situation, they often look for part-time jobs to recover their tuition costs as well as get daily allowances. Here is a list of 6 such jobs that will help you earn that quick income you have been long searching for. A Guide for Students to Earn Money From Home

  • Help students with their assignments

In recent times, many online websites that offer help to students for writing and editing college assignments have emerged. You can sign up to become an academic contributor for their site. You would be free to choose the subject you feel most comfortable with and then begin changing the lives of students across the world. This is just the perfect job for college students who love to help other students in their studies. The best part about these websites is that they are highly interactive and employ innovative means of teaching. Sites like “Best Online Assignment Help” are always looking for students to contribute to the heavy flow of assignments they get. You can join up with them and help students all over the world. If you contribute to the websites on a daily basis, they will pay you a good amount for your time and effort.

  • Be a proofreader

Do you think you know your way around English? If you possess excellent grammar skills and have a knack for reviewing and editing written material, then think no more and simply become an online proofreader. The work basically involves reading through documents and looking for grammatical or structural errors in the writing. Proofreading remains a catchy option for students as it is a convenient job that promises good money by simply working from home. Websites like “Top Assignment Experts” can give you a chance to become a proofreader with them in exchange for monetary incentives and if you have the relevant skills, you can even become permanent on their team!

  • Be an Academic writer

Do you always ace your essays in college? Do teachers love your academic papers? Do your peers come to you regularly for help? If so, brush up on your skills and consider becoming an academic writer. Academic writing services such as OnlineAssignmentWriting, Homework Help and Assignment help companies are extremely popular among students and are always looking for writers. You could contribute to these websites and earn money to do the same. Be it assignment help, essay editors or research paper writers, these websites offer it all. You just have to select the field of writing and the subject over which you have good command and get going! Being an academic writer can seem like a tough part-time job to many students, especially the ones who dislike writing or reviewing long assignments. However, for the ones willing to give in their time and energy to the work, the money doesn’t ever disappoint.

  • Be an editor

Slightly similar to the previous one, this option entails you being a professional editor for assignments, essays or any other written material that the websites like “Thanks For The Help” and “Essay Writer 4U” do editing for. These are also student-centric websites that offer writing and editing services for students regarding their assignments in a wide variety of subjects. For the ones who are interested in the field of academics but do not want to write full-fledged assignments to earn money can also become an editor for the same. Choose the subject (s) you think you are good at and start editing at these websites. Editing includes not only looking for grammatical errors but also in general fact-checking the entire text and re-framing it wherever possible to leave a better impression. Editing can be a fun job for many students and it will pay you simply by working from home.

  • Write website reviews

You can even start website evaluations and reviews as one of the work from home jobs. It involves reviewing a website from a user perspective, suggesting changes, reporting problematic areas and in general, helps them improve. You can also analyze and compare websites from the same sector and evaluate their relative performance. These sites will pay you hefty amounts for the job. Plus it is fun to work in such a free environment. In general, a reviewer needs to analyze the functionality of a website and whether the services that they claim to offer are good or not. If you have a knack for providing your insights in such matters, hop onto websites likes Australian Assignment Help Reviews and start writing website reviews. These websites cater mainly to students hence they place heavy value on a student reviewer who can give a more authentic review and evaluation of the website.

  • Write academic blogs and tutorials

Sites like “Paper Doer”  need blog writers who can spill their knowledge of guidelines and helpful tutorials into a creatively crafted blog post. For this, you must possess creative writing skills and excellent grammar. These sites pay a good amount to blog writers and depending on the readership and effectiveness of the blog, the money the writer receives goes up. This is a personal favorite for students who are passionate about writing and wish to use their spare time for some creative thinking and output.

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