Make Christmas Easier on Yourself

Christmas-is-exhausting-give-your-self-some-timeYou want to enjoy Christmas. For many people, the holiday holds a special place in their hearts and evokes treasured childhood memories. As we become adults, the magic of the season sometimes fades as we feel burdened with the demands of Christmas. By taking a few shortcuts to make things easier on yourself  to put the joy back in the season.


You don’t need to plan ahead and make a feast entirely from scratch. Save yourself the headache and spare your kitchen the mess. Prepare a few family favorites ahead of time then let someone else do the rest. Many restaurants and grocery stores offer full traditional holiday dinners that you can pick up in-store or have delivered straight to your door. Choose turkey or ham, a combination of the two—or even vegan alternatives. Then sit back and enjoy a delicious stress-free meal with everyone else.
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There may have been a time when you lovingly crafted homemade treasures for everyone on your gift list. Today’s lists are often too long for that and selecting special items for each recipient can quickly become expensive, not to mention difficult. Yet gift cards and cash seem too impersonal. The solution: order gift baskets for Christmas, Hanukkah or even New Year celebrations. You can find selections in every price range and please everyone from close family to new acquaintances. Order early and select a ship date closer to the holidays so you won’t have to worry about your favorites selling out.


Photo cards are much more personal than ordinary boxed greeting cards. For about the same price as most boxed options, you can showcase your family, featuring the year’s travel highlights and show off the new family pet, all with a personalized holiday greeting. Just a few cents more will save your hand from cramping, as many printers offer to address and mailing services as well.


This is often the most cherished part of the holiday season and can be fun for creative people. But not all family members help willingly and some years it seems like a huge chore. If you don’t feel like dragging out boxes of garland, lawn decorations and nativity scenes, don’t. You can make a big holiday décor statement with a fabulous tree and a wreath on the door. Rather than spending hours on a ladder stringing outdoor lights, use a Christmas light projector to add a festive touch to the yard with very little effort and no frustration at all. Now that is something to celebrate!
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