11 Tips on Creating an Essay

Starting essay presentation and developing creativity

What is the best way to present your essay to the readers or the audience? How to attract attention and maintain it? Is there any recommendations on how to start an essay?

Tips for developing creativity

Creativity is, probably, essential thing that makes us to create something meaningful and without any questions it is vital for inspiration and, as a result, for writing skills.

Students, who struggling with writing an essay often may prefer to buy term paper but there ways of developing creative writing and starting working on own academic paper.

Among tools that are designed to improve creating writing we can mention following:

  • Imagination prompt generator is great for creating ideas for free creative projects. This program made for middle school students;
  • Writing Fix assisting in daily writings. In order to succeed here, student must write daily as every prompt starts with a question for students to answer in written form;
  • The Story Starter can be used for novels, plays, and provides users with first line to write on.

What is the best way to present your essay to the readers or the audience?
Every student may find it quite challenging to start an essay. We all know that it is hard to put all thoughts together at the beginning and create a solid structure for future essay.  You may have your research completed, all the data verified, but the toughest part is the beginning as you don’t know what words to choose, how to communicate with your audience in general. These common troubles can be avoided with great advice.

Tips On How to Start and End an Essay

Tips on how to start and end an essay
Here are some basic recommendations on how to start your essay. They will help students to regain some confidence and not to be worry about insignificant details. The best possible beginning of an essay is that informs and motivates at the same time. We can mention countless way to begin your essay and make it impressive and memorable and to start with, here are most common and helpful introductory strategies:

  • Your thesis must be stated briefly, directly and accurately;
  • In order to engage your audience – pose questions regarding your subject. You may be the one to answer it or invite the audience to do so;
  • Provide interesting or shocking fast, related to your topic;
  • Make sure audience knows that your essay is a real revelation;
  • Create or recall an incident that dramatizes your subject;
  • Make an opening with a joke or humorous quotation, and make point that it reveals something about your topic;
  • Provide a comparison between present and past that will lead to your subject of essay;
  • Contrast between image and reality also attracts audience’s attention.

These are most helpful tips that will be handy in giving you the right start. And if we already know how to start an essay let’s find out how to end it.

  • While writing a conclusion part try answering questions So what?” or “What is the result?”. Try to keep ending part short but educational;
  • Make an effort to connect introductory part with the conclusion, create a logical relation.
  • Finally, indicate why exactly this topic was chosen, does your paper has any significance, what new theories have you developed or implemented and what influence it had on the field of study.

Make sure to follow these recommendations and there won’t be any problems in writing own essay from the scratch.








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