Tips For Selecting A Venue For Organizing Some Event Or Function

The primary consideration in venue selection should be the location followed by many other parameters.Venue selection plays a critical role in the success of parties and events and is one of the most important decisions that event managers and organizers have to take because the venue will have the largest impact on the event. The venue will impact the date of the event, the kind of experience of guests and attendees, and catering options to varying degrees. To make the decision, use these guidelines as discussed below that should help make your task easy.

There is good demand for venues to host some events, and you should prepare early to complete the booking well in advance to ensure that you get the targeted venue. Booking the venue at least 4-6 months in advance should give you enough time to plan for other critical things like event brochure, catering, creating a website, etc.  The earlier you can book the venue, the better it will be to match it with your requirements of space, budget, and estimated event size. The primary consideration in venue selection should be the location followed by many other parameters.


Venue accessibility for attendees is most important because the location must be such that the attendees can reach it conveniently. For local events, choose a venue within a reasonable distance that is easy to reach. If attendees are coming from out of town and far away places, then choosing a venue near to the airport would be most suitable.  However, you must also consider the traffic and transportation no matter whether it is a local event or not.


Having a parking lot at the venue is a great advantage, but not all venues have it, and some provide a valet parking facility. In the absence of parking lots, check if some parking arrangement is available nearby that your guest can access. In case there is no parking available at the venue, you can think about a few options. One way is to reserve nearby parking lots and bear the cost or leave it on the guests to pay for it. Another option is to get into an arrangement of transporting the guests by using the services of Uber and Lyft at discounted rates.  Help out attendees with some share ride arrangements is another option.

Venue capacity

What size of event you have and the number of guests will determine the size of the venue! For example, if you have fewer than 200 guests, you can book Babylon, a function room at Newcastle by logging on to the website Ask the venue manager if there is any minimum number of guests required to hire the entire venue.


As you know what kind of activities to have during the event and the amenities required, check the available space to have an idea about the layout to figure out how you can plan the events at the location. Get a floor plan to understand how the traffic flow will happen and whether it matches with your needs when organizing events.

Lastly, check the services and amenities at the venue to figure out if it fits with your catering plans. 

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