What Are The Top 3 Rug Trends in 2017

3 Popular Rug Trends for 2017 

Rugs are very important accessories for your home or apartment. The right rug can tie a whole room together and add personality to any space. For a home with hardwood floors, an area rug is a practical addition to add cushion and warmth. Rugs can also be used to define a specific space or divide a room in an open concept floor plan. When decorating a room, many designers actually recommend starting with the rug and decorating the rest of the room based on the colors, pattern and style of the rug. To get started, below are three popular rug trends for this year.

  1.     Floral. From the fashion runway to your floors, floral prints can be found almost anywhere right now. Bright and colorful flowers can be an easy and playful way to liven up your home. Floral rugs generally contain a multitude of colors, so they can easily be integrated into your home décor. The colorful floral rug is a great addition to bedrooms or even kids play rooms. If using a floral rug in a more centralized room in the home, such as a family room or living room, it is best to balance the rug with neutral walls and furniture, so as not to overwhelm the room with too much color or patterns. However, pops of color that coordinate with the rug can be added with throw pillows or wall art. 
  2.     Geometric. A geometric rug will give your space a modern and polished look. Geometric rugs can either be bold and colorful or neutral and there are many patterns to choose from. Popular geometric patterns right now include chevron and trellis prints. Whatever style you choose, these patterned rugs are great for living rooms and dining rooms and can be used to add interest to an overall monochromatic space, or they can complement other patterns of upholstery or art in the room. 
  3.     Overdyed. The process of overdyeing a rug involves bleaching, dyeing and washing a traditional vintage rug, which leads to a vivid and bold color while leaving the original pattern of the rug. An authentic overdyed rug made with a true vintage rug can be very expensive, however, cheaper versions can be found for all different budgets. These rugs make the perfect centerpiece for a room in which you want a traditional-looking rug, but also want to incorporate color and can be incorporated into any room of the home. 

The right rug can tie together an entire room and can be a great starting point for the rest your décor. A rug can be used to add warmth and comfort to a hard floor, divide an open space or simply to add color and interest to a room. Whether you choose a colorful floral rug, modern geometric rug, or a bold and beautiful overdyed rug, these styles can easily be found along with the cheapest rugs in Australia online.



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