Top Shaving Products You Should Know About

Top Shaving Products You Should Know AboutShaving is literally a task for most men out there. They are always looking for options that can make their shaving experience somewhat easier and smoother. It is assumed that having a nice, sharp razor and a stash of shaving cream is equivalent to a smooth shaving experience when it clearly is not. There are several other products which should be incorporated by men in their shaving routine in order to have a smooth shaving ride in all its truest sense.

Men need extra care and proper products considering the fact that their face is on a whole new level different to that of a woman. To be specific, men, as compared to women, have a thicker skin texture in addition to even more facial hair coupled with much bigger sebaceous glands. These glands make men secrete more oil than women do. This reason in itself justifies the need to have a proper shaving routine for men.

Hence, in this blog post, we present some recommendations that for sure will prove to be fruitful when you stand in front of a mirror for that perfect shave. Let’s get started:

Pre-Shave Oil
Using a shave oil in preparation makes shaving easier
Well, yes! This is will help you prepare the skin for the entire razor about to come.
This product basically softens your beard before you shave. This ultimately makes shaving a lot easier and less painful. In addition to this, this will help the razor glide smoother on the skin which otherwise would not have. It takes nothing but just a little message on to the damp face with just a few drops of this product. Follow it by lathering the shaving cream afterward and there you go!

A Toner
A good toner is your answer if you have been looking for a solution for all those nasty razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Again there is no rocket science in using this, just pour the product on to a cotton pad and dab it all over your face post shaving. In a matter of time that you will see the difference! Once applied, it will help steer away from any gunk, hair or shaving cream off the face which may clog the pores resulting in ingrown hairs. Just so you know, this product is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that allow the skin to heal from all the shaving it has gone through.

Switch the Razor
Gillette vs. bearded colonel razor
While most men do not take this into consideration, we cannot stress enough how a razor greatly affects the shaving experience. A razor, other than being sharp needs to be consumer-friendly too.
Gillette has been ruling the industry but if you are looking for an alternative which is super good yet easy on the pocket. Simply Google Gillette vs. bearded colonel and you will end up with an array of different products to choose from. We bet you’ll love it, gentlemen!

A good razor means you will not feel any pulling sensation while gliding the razor your skin. Once you are done with the shaving, make sure the razor is rinsed, air-dried thoroughly and stored in a dry, cool place.

A Post-Shave Balm

Proraso After Shave Balm For Sensitive Skin
Source: Amazon

This product is equally important as that pre-shave oil product we discussed earlier. A post-shave balm can literally transform your shaving game for good. The formulae of such products are loaded with ingredients which help reduce the redness, minimize irritation and deal with the cuts caused because of shaving. They keep infections at bay and this is why every man should invest in this product. Moreover, it also keeps the skin hydrated, which means you get to have this product serve as a daily moisturizer too.

The Shaving Cream
upgrade the cream to the one which has ingredients like allantoin, aloe, or hazel.
Ever wondered why your skin feels a bit more dried and itchy post a shave? Well, the answer lies in that tube of shaving cream you are using. Many shaving creams can actually be bad for your skin. The formula makes a huge difference, folks! Therefore, you need to upgrade the cream to the one which has ingredients like allantoin, aloe, or hazel. The right product will soothe your skin and leave it looking all fresh and rejuvenated.

So if you want that perfect shave, consider investing in all of the products mentioned above. You will start noticing the difference from the very first shave.
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