Why You Should Totally Have a Garden at Your New Place

Why You Should Totally Have a Garden At Your New Place
Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life for many. If you’ve ever tasted a freshly ripped tomato right from the bush, you’d know what I’m talking about. Gardening demands time but it results in, however, you would be rewarded with amazing results for your health and the flavors of vegetables. There is nothing like homegrown.

The following are the five reasons why you should totally have a garden in your new place:

Health Benefits

Gardening is a laborious task, especially when you move to a new house and have to start from scratch. It requires proper care of the plants which means you have to do the dirty work – to dig, to weed, to sow. Just the feel of the soil is therapeutic. This means you can conveniently burn those extra 100-300 calories which you might have consumed in the form of that tempting cookie at the cafe the night before.

Having a garden will not only work as a mini workout but also has other insane benefits. It comes with an abundance of Vitamin D and our survival kit: oxygen. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress which would most likely be a repercussion of frequent delays of the subway or a long line on Starbucks at 8 am.

Giving Back to Nature

New York is a hustle and bustle city with people who don’t even have time to bat an eye on celebrities like Jennifer Anniston. Amidst this craziness, it is essential to take some time off for the betterment of the environment both inside and outside your body.

Having a garden will not just provide fresh air for you but will also bring the beautiful pollinators to the yard. Bees’ population has been declining in the past few years, with poison-free flowers they will definitely come over for a snack once in a while.

Fact: Diverse and continual pollen make for amazingly healthy bees and gives back to our eco-system!.

Fresh Food

Moving from Florida to New York would be expensive enough, save as much as you can. I would suggest you start with your grocery bills! You can do so by getting seeds from your nearby supermarket which, mind you, will cost no more than 30 cents and will result in savings of hundreds of dollars.

New Yorkers are known to eat healthy all week and indulge on the weekends. This trend has led to organic produce’s prices skyrocketing. With the rise of farmers markets, you could sell a few tomatoes here and there and get those extra bucks for that Gucci bag you’ve been eying for far too long.

Moreover, growing food in your own garden will not just provide you with the option of producing a variety of fruits/vegetables that might not be available in the local market but will also function as an assurance that the food you’re consuming is more abundant in nutrients than its relatives on the shelves. Tomatoe Leaf Spary effective on grasshoppers, aphids and, whiteflies

Building a Community

Growing a garden doesn’t require for an acre of land, use the porch, patio or balcony or windows with a south facing. Developing a garden alongside a friend or a neighbor or even the significant other helps in building stronger relationships and bonding. With that, gardening will result in tons of learning for you, from which plant would work in the snowy New York to the fruits that would survive the boiling temperatures of summers; instead of theoretical, bookish knowledge, you will practically know what to do when you move to a new house and start building your own little garden., container gardening is becoming very popular as it can be done in small places like a patio or balcony. You can pass on what you learn to the younger generation, who in turn, if you’re lucky, will leave their video games to make time for this new activity.

It can also be very useful if you have or are thinking about starting a family as it provides time for activities like sports or even playing with larger toys like Kids electric cars.

Moreover, having a garden also results in most thoughtful gifts. These gifts could include a basket of freshly picked tomatoes or just a bunch of beautiful flowers which will have an emotional impact on the receiver as he/she would recognize the fact that you not only grew the plant but also, planted and nurtured it over a period of time. How about a potted tomato for a friend you grew from seed?


Leaving behind the glorious Disneyland back in Florida would be tough, I know, so to let loose and get in contact with your untapped creative and nature-loving side by having a garden.

Turn the sad, lonely backyard into an out-of-a-catalog garden. It’s your space, take inspiration, be creative, play with dirt and turn it into a beautiful space to host barbeques or a green play area for your furry friend or just a pleasant area to take Instagram worthy shots with your friends.

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