Tree Roots – How They Can Damage your Drains

Good home maintenance involves a complex range of essential services, which includes drain care and maintenance. Your drains are a series of underground pipes and trees are almost always a factor. Growing trees spread their roots, which often affects the drainage system. Trees have very strong roots, which, over time, can cause the sewer pipes to collapse, something that usually results in a total blockage, as the side wall caves in. This might take a long time, but once a drain has been compromised by tree roots, it will only get worse.Tree Roots - How They Can Damage your Drains-Feature-1

Identifying The Culprit

Tree species vary, of course, and the tree that is causing your drains to collapse might not be the one that’s closest. Trees can spread their roots far and wide and whether you are experiencing a blocked drain Southampton homeowners go through, calling in a plumber is by far the best solution. The modern plumber makes good use of available technology and can identify the problem in no time at all, with a go-anywhere CCTV camera that will give him a close-up view of the insides of the sewer. Once he has located the problem area, he can dig out a suitable section and carry out effective repairs, while causing minimal damage.

Pipe Relining

Rather than replace the damaged section, it might be possible to insert a thin membrane that, when inflated, repairs the damaged pipe. This is much cheaper than drain replacement, yet whether or not relining is the right solution depends on the level of damage. The plumber can also inspect the entire system while he’s there and can carry our timely repairs, which would avoid costlier repairs later.

Rusted Pipes Image Source: Pixabay

If you are new to home management, there are a few tips on drain care and maintenance that will help you minimize the risk of a blockage.

Seeking Out Moisture

Tree roots are naturally drawn to moisture, which can be the reasons why your drains are affected. The plumber can cut the roots while he is repairing the damage, thus avoiding a repeat at a later date, and with his CCTV cameras, he can gain an overall picture of the state of the drainage system. The worst part about repairing a blocked drain is actually locating it, which used to involve digging up a large part of the garden. However, technology enables today’s plumber to locate a blockage without having to excavate, saving both time and money.

Regular Drain Care

Regular Drain Care Image Source: Unsplash

It is recommended to have your sewers checked on an annual basis, which will ensure that any issues are quickly dealt with. Preventative maintenance is the key to minimizing costly repairs and if you would like to have your drains professionally inspected, an online search will put you in touch with a local expert.

While there are no guarantees, regular drain inspections will minimize the risk of a blockage and if your garden has many trees, the drain clearing specialist can soon tell you if tree roots are an issue.

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