Trendy Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

Pastel hair is all the rage right now and pastel purple hair is no exception. There are so many fun and fabulous shades of pastel purple to choose from so you definitely find one that calls out to you!

Like any hair color, pastel purple hair will require some maintenance. Following is some advice on how to care for pastel purple hair. And then we will show you some of our favorite looks for pastel purple.

As with any pastel color, you will need to bleach your hair first. We suggest going to a salon to bleach your hair, as doing it incorrectly could yield disastrous results. Plus your stylist will know what shade of bleach is needed for your natural hair color. As well, they will be able to properly monitor the timing. Overbearing your hair could seriously damage your hair, but if you don’t bleach it enough, you won’t end up with the color you desire.

Keep in mind that pastel colors fade rather quickly. This is especially true with pinks and purples so if you like your look, it may require some upkeep. Before you dye your hair, you should do a hair mask to nourish your hair. As well, you should wash your hair several days before you bleach it and take care to not use any hair products until you bleach your hair. You can use coconut oil as a leave-in hair conditioner. In fact, you should do a deep conditioning with coconut oil the day before you bleach your hair to help prevent damage.

After you have bleached your hair, you are now ready for your pastel purple hair. You might not want to bleach and color your hair on the same day. If you can schedule two separate appointments, it is actually healthier for you to not color your hair on the same day you bleach it. If you are coloring at home, wait at least a day to color your hair after you bleach it.

If you are coloring your hair at home, add some semi-permanent pastel purple color to your conditioner. This will help refresh your color and keep it from fading. Also, only use sulfate-free shampoos to preserve the dye. Only wash your hair once or twice a week and never use hot water as it will strip your hair color. Use a dry shampoo that is for color-treated hair between washings as well as a leave-in conditioner. Coconut oil is always a good choice.

Do not overheat your hair with excessive blow-drying and curling and/or flat iron if you can avoid it. And only use products that are free of alcohol and sulfates to help your color last longer. Wear a swim cap if you are going swimming as chlorine will wreak havoc with your pastel purple hair.

When looking for a hair dye for any hair coloring you should consider using an ammonia free hair dye, as ammonia-based dyes force the hair follicles to open so that the hair will absorb the dye, which will weaken the hair this causes permanent damage.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should have no trouble keeping your pastel purple hair looking happy and healthy. Like all lighter hair colors, it will fade over time, so be prepared to color it again once it starts to fade. However, you can also try a different shade of pastel purple if you want to mix it up. The sky’s the limit when it comes to cool shades of pastel purple!

10 Fabulous Looks for Pastel Purple Hair

Dusty Pastel Purple Hair

Image Instagram Pulpriothair

Dusty hair shades are taking the world by storm and this pale dusty purple is no exception. It will shimmer in the sunlight and is very flattering for almost any complexion. It looks especially stunning on this long wavy hairstyle with heavy blunt fringe.

Light Auburn with Purple Highlights

Light Auburn with Purple Highlights
Image Instagram Rubydevine

If you want to go for a look that’s a bit bolder, this light auburn with dark purple streaks is bold and beautiful. Ask for thin dark purple highlights blended in with your apricot base to add a brilliant pastel purple that will look stunning on long curly ringlets.

Dark and Light Pastel Purple Hair


Torn between dark purple and pastel purple hair? This dark purple and light lilac balayage is simply enchanting. If you have naturally curly hair, you can totally rock this multi-tonal purple hair!

Dark Brown, Lavender and Lilac Fade

Image Instagram Glamiris

Ombre hair is not going anywhere any time soon, and we can see why. This dark brown to lavender to lilac fade is beyond gorgeous! Ombre hairstyles are one of the trendiest ways to showcase your pastel purple hair!

Raven Black to Lilac and Silver Ombre

Raven Black to Lilac and Silver Ombre
Image Instagram Glamiris

Dark hair is so sexy and if you mix it with a pastel lilac and silver ombre and balayage blend, you’ll have a look that will turn heads wherever you go! Curl just the bottom portion of your hair to look like natural beach waves that will be the envy of all your friends.

Black Hair with Pink and Purple Peek-a-boo Hair

Black Hair with Pink and Purple Peek-a-boo Hair
Image Instagram Isthatpat

Need a look that is a little more subtle. Peek-a-boo highlights are a great choice for those who can’t sport a drastic hair color due to work or school restrictions. You can wear your hair down to hide the pretty pink and pastel purple highlights or pull it up and a half updo to show them off.

Dusty Pink to Pastel Lavender Melt

Dusty-Pink-to-Pastel-Lavender-Melt.Looking for a bright shade of purple to show off your sassy side? This dusty pink and lavender melt is so cute. And it looks adorable on this short wavy bob. So if you want fun shade of pastel purple hair, this might be the look for you.

Amethyst and Iris Balayage

Amethyst-and-Iris-BalayagePastel purple hair comes in many forms. This amethyst and iris balayage blend is so edgy with its dark roots and a glossy blend of stunning purple shades. And what better way to show off these striking colors than with a cute asymmetrical choppy bob?

Electric Blue and Dusty Orchid Ombre

 Electric-Blue-and-Dusty-Orchid-OmbreBlue and purple is so pretty together. If you are looking for a pastel purple hair color that has a nice mix of warm and cool tones, try this electric blue and dusty orchid ombre style. The dusty orchid is very soft and girly while the dark blue is a bit more avant-garde for a look that is hip and fun.

Blue, Purple and Pink Pastel Ombre Fade


Not really sure what color you want but you just know it has to include pastel purple? Why not go for the trifecta with this funky blend of baby blue, light purple, and dusty pink? It is ideal if you are looking for a fun and flirty look and looks even prettier with full beachy waves!

Are you ready to take the chance and go for one of these amazing looks for pastel purple hair? Get ready to take the plunge and embrace your sexy new look!
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